Gifts For Food & Drink Lovers

aspire Gift Guide 2021

Bubble Casserole Pot

Your cassoulet duties will never be boring when they involve this quirky, red, blue and yellow aluminum and Bakelite pan that’s evocative of Memphis design.

Tea For One Tea Set

From Tielka, this all-in-one tea set is designed for all your personal brewing needs. Includes a tea infuser, teapot, teacup, matching saucer and gift box.

Metal Floral Canister Set

This 4-piece canister set from Jungalow is a stylish solution to any kitchen storage needs. Each metal container, of varying shapes, comes with a corresponding wooden lid.

Pour-Over Coffee Stand

This expertly crafted pour-over stand from The Coffee Registry, available at Bloomist, is made from brass and comes with a Hario V60 glass pour-over cone. The brass ring can be adjusted to accommodate the height and width of a wide variety of mugs and decanters.

Alexandria Cocktail Tool Set

Complemented by a chic marble holder, the Alexandria Cocktail Tool Kit from Arhaus includes bar necessities to craft your favorite mixed beverages, including a bottle opener, bar spoon, peg measurer, and strainer.

Functional Chocolate Box

What better way to treat your health than premium chocolate stacked with clinically researched ingredients and proven botanicals? Made with Fair Trade 60% cacao these bars are 100% plant-based, vegan, dairy-free, non-GMO, cholesterol and gluten-free.