Gifts For Garden Enthusiasts

aspire Gift Guide 2021

Egret Savannah Garden Pot

Justine Blakeney’s Jungalow HQ is located near a river, meaning she sees birds like the egret soaring over her studio frequently. This decorative indoor planter (with drainage!) is made of oversized ceramic statements that come apart with a base and a bowl. They’re versatile and whimsy mean they work anywhere!

Glass Gardening Holiday Ornaments

Made in Poland, these mouth-blown glass Gardening Ornaments are whimsical representations of objects used by gardeners: a greenhouse, a garden tools bag and wellies. Greenhouse 3.5″h, Garden Tools Bag 3.5″h, Wellies 4″h.

OLIVEE Weekly Floral Subscription

OLIVEE’s Signature Arrangements are packed with fresh seasonal blooms, designed in a wild yet refined aesthetic. Delivered weekly of bi-weekly from their Brooklyn floral studio, this is a gift that keeps on giving as your loved ones receive fresh flowers on the regular.

Hadron Ceramic Watering Can

This sculptural ceramic watering can in a matte sand finish, was driven by the need for a watering can “beautiful enough to be displayed on the sill.” Hadron by Light & Ladder is a sculptural watering vessel with bold intersecting geometries and negative space, to be proudly displayed. Vessel measures: 12” × 3.5” × 10”; Available via In The Pursuit.

Gonglin Planter

Taking its name from a painter from the Ming Dynasty period, Gonglin Planters from Oka feature a chinoiserie design inspired by traditional Chinese paintings; decorative detailing that stands out against a dark backdrop. The medium planter seen here holds a plant (ideally faux) with a 17.5cm diameter base.

Plants from Natty Garden

“As a Brooklyn-based plant store Natty Garden tries to incorporate the culture and style of the borough into their selection of plants. Over the past nine years, the shop has tripled in space, and the selection has evolved to become a thoughtfully-edited and ever-changing assortment of plants and materials for all of your gardening desires.”

Mini Cactus Ceramic Vases

Bring a whimsical Southwestern-inspired element to your home decor with this pair of ceramic vases styled to resemble a saguaro cactus. The quirky conversation pieces were created by Serax’s house designer, Marie Michielssen.

Lettuce Grow Farmstand

Lettuce Grow is like “having a 40 square foot farm in your backyard. But, without the big yard, hours of labor, or PhD in horticulture.” Choose a self-watering, self-fertilizing hydroponic Farmstand, plant your seedlings and watch your produce grow.

Scented Candle From Aerangis

Chasing the scent of the Aerangis flower in a Taiwanese garden, this candle is elegant, clean, and comforting. Each candle includes a biodegradable paper dust cover infused with wildflower seeds. Plant it in damp soil and watch it blossom into an entirely new scent experience.