Celebrating A Century Of Design In A Prewar Apartment

This prewar apartment on the Upper East Side is the perfect candidate for a modern, restorative update; and that’s just what Anna Shagalov and Bo Poulsen of Halstead Manhattan have in store for it.

On August 7th, ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME joined The Poulsen Shagalov Team for a look at what’s to come for the space. To tackle the renovation of the property, Poulsen Shagalov collaborated with interior designer, Vanessa DeLeon, whose award-winning work frequently combines modern, stylized designs with classic décor.

“We love how Vanessa is able to glamorize a space yet still retain its original integrity,” says Anna Shagalov, Principal Broker for The Poulsen Shagalov Team. “This apartment lends itself so purely to modern needs, and we knew Vanessa would take advantage of that while honoring the history of the building.”

Built in 1908 by Charles A. Platt, the pre-war co-op features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, plus kitchen, living, and dining areas. With large windows throughout, light streams into the corner apartment from the south, west, and east.

“The versatility of this apartment is quite rare actually,” says Shagalov. “The placement of, and ability to move plumbing, the window locations, the scarcity of structural elements which can inhibit a design and the general layout offer incredible opportunities for its next owner to create their ‘forever home’ which is why we loved the idea of bringing creative minds together to collaborate on it’s potential.”

Shagalov, along with Principal Broker and Partner Bo Poulsen, led the discussion on the renovation possibilities with Vanessa, and Project Supervisor at Dixon Projects, Lewis Fasolo. “It was a great opportunity for free-flowing conversation about ‘old-world, new design,’ and what that means in terms of renovations,” says Shagalov.

For Vanessa, that means highlighting what can be restored from the original design, and updating what cannot.

“Many of the prewar apartments have salvageable fixtures as well as beautiful wood floors worthy of a gentle cleaning, or keeping the patina will create traces of nostalgia throughout the space,” says Deleon. “The prewar structure is deserving of a great design concept that will bring the dated apartment to an updated fabulous decor.”

See more images of the event below, and check out the apartment listing, here.

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