Designer Friday: An ASPIRE Exclusive Interview With Rayman Boozer

Finding exquisite patterns and vibrant colors that blend well together and create a sense of comfort is hard. But the man that manages to always get it right is Rayman Boozer. Principal Designer of Apartment48, Time Magazine named him the “go-to designer for color consulting” and needless to say, the title suits him. With an eye for color and bold prints, Rayman has been able to design amazing interiors for clients that have been featured in Elle Decor, Vogue, and Architectural Digest. Get to know Rayman Boozer in this week’s Designer Friday.

Uniqueness can be found in every space Rayman designs. In this living room, a gray print on the ceiling is accompanied by teal walls.

Andrew Joseph: How would you define your work in three words?
Rayman Boozer: Colorful. Global. Bohemian. I enjoy mixing patterns and textures, along with Moroccan, French, and East Asian influences. I collect mementos everywhere I travel and like to adorn my home and projects with them; some of my favorites are brass boxes from Paris, multi-colored glassware from Marrakesh, and photography from London. You can piece together my life story with the artwork and accessories I’ve gathered over the years.

Andrew: Favorite piece of clothing you own?
Rayman: My latest purchase is always my favorite piece of clothing. At the time of writing, my latest and greatest is my full-length, black polished-leather trench coat from Prada. It’s exudes the 1970s, which is my favorite decade. My friends say it reminds them of the character Elektra from Pose by way of the Matrix!

This bright and colorful living room was created for a client who resides in the Flatiron.

Andrew: What’s your design pet peeve?
Rayman: Mid-Century Modern. A piece or two is great, but the recent trend of Mid-Century exclusivity really saps the ingenuity out of a room. Your design story is stronger when styles are blended and shaped rather than just reflecting one note.

Andrew: Are you a good cook? If so, what’s your specialty?
Rayman: Yes. But I only cook on special occasions – so consider yourself lucky if I whip something up for you! I make great Lasagna; the secret is in the sauce.

Andrew: What’s your biggest fear in life?
Rayman: Being irrelevant. It’s relative, but I can’t imagine a life playing it safe and having no impact on the world.

Although Rayman is known for using vibrant colors and prints in his designs, he always puts the client’s needs first.

Andrew: You’re the newest Crayola color. What color are you and why?
Rayman: Bohemian Blue. I love all the colors, but blue has always been a favorite. It’s universal – in the sky, sea, and stars – and serves as a perfect foundation for layers of other hues.

Andrew: What’s a guilty pleasure you have?
Rayman: I love the HGTV show, Hometown. It doesn’t represent my aesthetic, but Erin & Ben’s passion for their hometown is contagious. I really like watching nice people.

Andrew: What’s your favorite cocktail?
Rayman: Tito’s On The Rocks. With olives. No lime.

About The Designer | As early as ten years old, Rayman remembers spending countless hours in his bedroom reading shelter magazines. American Home. Apartment Life. House Beautiful. He studied Interior Design & Fashion at Indiana University and five days after graduation moved to New York. In 1994, he opened Apartment 48 home furnishing store in Chelsea where he honed his design aesthetic and love of color and pattern. In 2006, his apartment was featured on the cover of Elle Décor and it served as a major turning point in his career – opening a lot of doors and giving him the confidence and connections to expand his business. Rayman continues to work on residential interiors, and over the past decade, has begun exploring commercial work – designing for production studios, flagship offices, and retail spaces.

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