Designing for Eco-friendliness: How Small Renovations can Affect a Homeowner’s Carbon Footprint

Eco-friendly living is a buzz word bound to pop up in many conversations this year, especially those about house renovation and building plans. Many people are thinking of ways to be more eco-friendly in their daily lives.

The good news is that it’s not necessary for homeowners to move to an entirely new structure if they want their house to be more eco-conscious. Below we’ll share a few easy changes that homeowners can make to transform their homes into modern structures with minimal carbon emissions.

Photo by Harry Tang on Unsplash.

Be Wise – Live Smart

The first handy tool you have at your disposal is technology. After adding a few modern gadgets to even an old building, the utility costs, and therefore the use of natural resources, can lower substantially:

  • Let sensors detect when someone enters and exits a room, only switching on the lights for that period of time. No one will ever again forget to switch off the light, because the technology does it for them.
  • When you purchase new appliances, look for ones that have power-saving features. A handy feature is a standby mode when the appliance senses it hasn’t been used for a while.
  • Find appliances and systems you can control via your mobile phone. If you realize you forgot to switch off the oven, do it remotely.

Many of these gadgets don’t require a complete overhaul of a home; simply install them and see the difference on your power bill. And remember: the focus of smart living is being sustainable, but also more economical and efficient, so you’ll benefit too!

Manage the HVAC Better

One big player in your monthly utility bill is probably your HVAC unit. In winter, it helps you keep warm and in summer it helps you to survive the summer heat.

Good news: you can cut down on how much you need it this coming year!

For starters, think of all the ways your home is impacted by the sun. You can prevent a room from baking in the sun by adding window film, planting trees in front of windows or adding an awning. With more shade, rooms will be more welcoming in summer and you’ll need less AC.

You may be stuck inside when it’s very cold or hot, because you don’t have a space outside to utilize. In turn, you end up using more AC on to make the house feel less stuffy or more heat to keep it cozy.

So, start using the exterior of your home more efficiently!

A quality patio cover, such as the ones seen on can provide enough shade and shelter to create comfortable spaces for summer reading, playing and barbequing and keep you out of the rain in cooler months. Modern patio covers can contain insulation, ensuring the space underneath stays cool and comfortable.

Do a House Audit to Save Water

You may think eco-friendly living is tedious, but remember that many of these changes affect your budget as well. It’s wise to do a full audit of your home, looking for any leaks in your pipes and plumbing system. Fixing them and preventing water loss will once again affect your utility bill at the end of the month.

Here’s a handy extra tip: simply switching out your outdated showerhead for a new, low-flow version can save thousands of gallons of water.

Last Words

It doesn’t take a ton of money to make a huge difference on the eco-friendliness of your house and your budget. Green living is a hot topic for a reason: it’s time to change and it starts at home.

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