Do’s and Don’ts of Designing Your Dream Outdoor Space

These days, an increasing number of would-be homeowners are looking for a property where outdoor space is available. Whether it’s located near the city, in the suburbs or apartment space, an outdoor area is a desirable feature to have. An outdoor space should be a place for enjoyment, relaxation, activity and even work. The way that you design an outdoor space should always be guided by your personal taste, your budget and the functionality you need.

Decorating an outdoor space is more than a dreamy Pinterest project, it is an investment that will increase your home’s value. If you’re looking for inspiration or a guide to help you start, don’t worry, we’ve got your back and your outdoor space, covered.

The Extravagant Pool Area

The most expensive and the largest outdoor area you can own is a pool area. Starting from the walkways, the vicinity and the pool itself, you can decorate and add furniture to make it a place of sanctuary and ultimate relaxation. If you have the financial resources to purchase a home with a pool in it, here are the dos and don’ts of decorating a pool area.

  • Do designate a place for eating, relaxation, sunbathing and napping. For example, a typical pool area has four sides that you can adorn with statement furniture pieces with designated functions. Have one area intended for lazy afternoons where you can sip a mimosa and have a cozy conversation with a friend. Choose another side to place a long table, ideal for six to eight individuals during barbecue nights and small parties. And one for an area to sunbathe or for pool toys.
  • Don’t limit your pool area to just swim and frolic in the water. You can do so much more with the area with a little imagination.
The Intimate Balcony

If you aren’t blessed with a significant amount of outdoor space, you can always maximize your tiny balcony as a mini getaway from your condo or townhouse. Visualize your balcony as a magical place where you can roam around and lounge with a cup of hot cocoa and bunny slippers.

  • Do think of a balcony as a private space. Unlike the pool area, your balcony is a place intended for your own solace and relaxation. If you want to have friends enjoy the view in your balcony, limit it to three or four persons.
  • Don’t place furniture near your door and don’t invest in pieces that block your line of sight.
The Friendly Patio

Of all the outdoor spaces listed in this guide, a patio is the most common option for homeowners. The patio is a flexible area perfect for hosting kids’ birthday parties, barbecues and more. But how does a patio become a homeowner’s most adaptable outdoor area? By taking advantage of a multipurpose layout.

  • Do not put furniture at the center of your patio. The center area should be clear from obstructions as it is should be a designated pathway, particularly during a party.
  • When decorating a patio, do designate one space as an activity area while the other end should serve as a place for eating.
  • Don’t overcrowd one area with furniture and other items for decorations. Maximize the space for both leisure and function.
  • Don’t forget to have your patio covered with durable roofing options installed by established contractors such as This will ensure that your patio will be usable come rain or shine.

Keep in mind that your outdoor area is an extension of your home. Although there is no specific guideline that says matching everything is a must, you can unleash your creativity by decorating it to suit the theme of your home.

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