To First Design Expedition in the Ukraine

Early as this fall, a team of 5 world-famous design experts will travel within the first expedition in the history of Ukraine to the picturesque spots of the Carpathians mountains, which hide the centers of the ancient Ukrainian design techniques. The black-smoked ceramics of Gavarechchyna, the Hutsul blankets of the Verkhovyna and the sonorous trembita will become the spokesmen for Ukrainian handicrafts.

Until now, the unknown Ukraine will be open for design meters – Italians: architect of Prada Roberto Baciocchi and progressive stylist Elisa Ossino. Anna Leena Leino, “the queen of Scandinavian interiors” and Madeline Asplund, a trendsetter and blogger of the Swedish magazine Residence, will be part of the team. From the UK, Ukraine will welcome Laura Snod, an expert in the field of art, design and culture, editor of ICON magazine.

The organizer of the first design expedition – Victoria Yakusha, founder of the Yakusha Design architecture studio and the FAINA, a living Ukrainian design collection. All Victoria’s projects aim to outline Ukraine on the world design map, to inspire the whole world with a unique design. The expedition “Earth inspires”, in addition, is intended to attract the attention of the Ukrainian and European public to the problems of preserving and reviving the cultural heritage.

As the contemplation of the expedition, there will be a meeting of design experts with the progressive Ukrainian community in Kyiv. On November 3, at 4:00 pm, FEDORIV Hub will welcome guests from all over Ukraine who wish to become a part of the discussion about Ukrainian design, its past and future. Design experts of world level will tell what they saw, and really does the “Earth inspires”?

Agromat became the general sponsor of the design expedition “Earth Inspires”. Partners of the event are FAINA Collection, Yakusha Design, and Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. The expedition will be covered by Focus UA, ELLE Decoration, Business Radio Group, as well as the International Media – Design Milk, Ideat, Urbis, Estilo Propilo, Crafts. The official carrier during the expedition – Volkswagen. Hospitable partner – conceptual boutique hotel BURSA.

Photography by Ukrainer.

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