Gifts for Children

ASPIRE Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Mini Figures Utility Belt

This utility belt will allow your kid to carry their favorite figures wherever they go. This belt holds 5 figures and will attach around the waist with a fully adjustable clip. It will comfortably fit a child from 3 to 8 years old.

Tweed Sherpa Baby Blanket

Created in collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids, this Tweed Stroller Blanket has a pattern on
front and extra-soft sherpa fleece on the back. It’ll keep your baby warm on-the-go.

Jetpack Backpack

Pack your backpack and prepare for launch! Blasting on the shuttle to outer space? The jetpack backpack is great for flying around wherever you go, from docking at the shop, to orbiting the park

Koala Slippers

Keep your kid as cuddly as a Koala! Whether they’re climbing over the furniture or cuddling up on the couch, these cozy boiled wool slip-ons will keep your child’s feet fresh, dry, and protected.

Drew the Pencil Lamp

Drew hovers on the surface as if held by an invisible hand and unlike a traditional lamp, with Drew, the cord is a feature. Scribble over your surfaces and transform an everyday space into something special.

Design for Children

Design for Children, is a comprehensive, genre-defining survey of children’s product and furniture design from Bauhaus to today.

Konrad Keller Rocker

A vintage, 1950’s German rocking horse manufactured by Konrad Keller Holzspielwaren.

Play’N Pack Jungle

A bag full of travel fun for little adventurers! The Play’n Pack is a backpack filled with imaginative play for small folk.

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