Avem Drapery

A snapshot from an autumn walk through the English countryside, The Vale London’s Avem linen drapery is both scenic and sweet. Distilled through a dream and captured as an original work hand-painted in ink, the delicate pattern presents playful partridges and pheasants mid-flight and leaves dancing on an updraft.

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The Vale London

The Vale London was founded in 2017 by Melinda Marquardt. After working in sales for an American textile company for seven years, she decided to start up her own business.

Partnering her education in fine art with her many years of sales experience, Melinda created the Vale London to provide exquisite textiles and wallpapers to the luxury interiors market.

Each pattern starts out as an original piece of art work; illustrated by hand and produced by the finest mills. Each metre of fabric or roll of wallpaper is a piece of art for the home. Texture, colour and design work symbiotically to create each unique piece. Melinda creates timeless designs that will adorn windows and walls for many years.

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