An historic, 1906 firehouse will be repurposed into four two-bedroom, two-bath, market rate residential units. Sustainability is an important part of The Kaleidoscope Project, and preserving this structure on Tyler Street in Pittsfield, Massachusetts aligns with that mission.

We attempt at every level to create a sustainable project, from the repurposing of historic structures to the sourcing of products. We think about where products are made, what they are made of, and how they are produced. We support local trade and consider indigenous sustainability to be paramount, emphasizing quality of life and socioeconomic equality, measured by the needs of the local community for future generations.


The Kaleidoscope Project is located on Tyler Street in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Show house tours will be available starting August 4th.


The Kaleidoscope Project is proud to partner with educational programs and 501(c)(3) organizations providing scholarships to those in the black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) community interested in a career in the design industry.


Meet the talented team of designers set to transform this historic residence for this year’s Kaleidoscope Project.


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David Carver

David Carver has been at it for years — breathing new life and purpose into historic buildings in The Berkshires of Massachusetts. Now, he has partnered with The Kaleidoscope Project, renovating a Firehouse built in 1996 into 4 residential units.

“I think we should be fixing up what we have rather than building new,” Carver said, adding everything was “more solidly built” in the early to mid-1900s. “Politically, it’s in line with my thinking about land use in our communities.”

Creating housing in our community, in a sustainable way is a part of my mission. I’m happy to be engaged with The Kaleidoscope Project bringing attention to the housing problem in The Berkshires.


Participating Designers


David Santiago (Host)
Casa Santi


Austin Gray Design Group
Austin Gray Design Group


Lisa & Everick Brown
Everick Brown Design


Virginia Toledo
Toledo Geller