11 Things for Your Living Room You Wish You Bought

The living room is one of the most utilized spaces in your home. It’s where you spend time with loved ones, entertain guests, or relax after a long day. It only makes sense that you invest in the right items that make this part of your home comfortable.

1. Ottoman
The ultimate double-purpose furniture, the ottoman, should be a part of your living room. It acts as a chair, a footstool, and storage space. Have at least two of these for that extra space and function.

2. Cube organizer
Stuff in the living room can quickly pile up with random items like remote controls, books, kid’s toys, etc. You want to keep this area always organized with a cube organizer. It holds a lot of odds and ends without making your space look cluttered.

3. Cozy sofa
The living room is not complete without the perfect cozy sofa. Find a sofa that matches your home and needs. If you’re into spending evenings binge-watching TV shows, a cushy one is best. However, if you frequently host dinner parties for friends, it might be worth getting one that is firm but soft.

4. Indoor plants
Indoor plants are having a thing lately. This is a bandwagon you should get on because it offers so many benefits. It lightens up a room, enhances the indoor air quality, and brightens up your mood. The more plants, the better. You can get started with low-maintenance ones like succulents, and then move on to bigger plants once you’re confident with your plant-raising skills.

5. Vibrant rug
Don’t be afraid to make a statement with a vibrant rug. They do a great job at tying a room together and can even make for a great conversation piece. Opt for decorative patterns in colors that compliment your living room. You’ll always want to step foot here when you have that beautiful rug on your floor.

6. Full-length mirror
Add a full-length mirror in your living room so you get more light bouncing in the room. This also adds a feeling of spaciousness especially if you live in a tiny apartment. Also, who doesn’t want to catch a glimpse of their reflection once in a while?

7. Home bar
Nothing says “adult” quite like a home bar does. Getting started is easy. You probably already have the alcohol and glasses in your pantry, you just need the perfect cart. It should be able to hold all your cocktail-making essentials. Plus points if you find one that comes with wheels.

8. Coffee table
Your coffee table can be whatever you want it to be. A place to hold evening drinks, snacks, books, and trays with trinkets. This is an opportunity to showcase your taste so pick one that best reflects your personality.

9. Statement lighting
Light is one item that can act as a focal point to your living room. Take your time picking an eye-catching chandelier or lamp that will create the most illumination in your space. You can, later on, add more lights in areas that are dark.

10. Side table
Your coffee table can’t possibly hold everything you need in your living room so make sure you have a side table. Its use is up to you whether it’s functional or decorative. If you want it to be functional, you can put stuff like the remote control, phone, and lamp here. But if you’re after aesthetics, consider putting more books, a plant, or a vase here instead.

11. Fragrant candle
You can light this up during the evenings to create a relaxing mood. You’ll enjoy catching a whiff of it every time you’re in the living room. Make sure you find a scent that you and your family will enjoy.

Which of these items do you already have in your home? And which ones are you considering adding? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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