12 New Design Books Hitting Shelves This Summer

Pad your summer reading lists with these twelve new design books that are sure to get the creative juices flowing.

Together by Design: The Art and Architecture of Communal Living by William Richards | PA Press
With a growing population comes a growing need for innovative, sustainable housing. Together by Design explores the architectural and social benefits of communal living and shared spaces. Whether it’s families in a multigenerational home, millennials sharing rent, or older singles seeking companionship, cohousing and other types of intentional communities offer economic, social, and environmental advantages for all demographics.

Young Projects: Figure, Cast, Frame by Bryan Young | Monacelli Press
This monograph introduces the cutting-edge research and work of Young Projects, founded by Bryan Young, where materiality, structure, and form intersect to generate new architectural typologies.

The Façades of Paris: Windows, Doors, and Balconies illustrated by Dominique Mathez, text by Joël Orgiazzi | Rizzoli
Lively watercolors and ink drawings of refined facades draw a compelling portrait of Paris, where each building is accompanied by its delightful ornamental details.

Design Emergency: Building a Better Future by Alice Rawsthorn and Paola Antonelli | Phaidon
Design Emergency tells the stories of the remarkable designers, architects, engineers, artists, scientists, and activists, who are at the forefront of positive change worldwide. Focusing on four themes – Technology, Society, Communication, and Ecology – Alice Rawsthorn and Paola Antonelli present a unique portrait of how our great creative minds are developing new design solutions to the major challenges of our time.

Rocky Mountain Modern: Contemporary Alpine Homes by John Gendall | Monacelli Press
Rocky Mountain Modern presents the most inspiring modern residences set within the stunning landscapes of the Rockies. Perched on cliffsides or nestled into verdant valleys, with expansive picture windows framing breathtaking vistas and natural materials such as wood and stone interpreted in new ways, these striking homes reveal modern living at its best in the mountains.

Radical Practice: The Work of Marlon Blackwell Architects by Jonathan Boelkins and Peter MacKeith | PA Press
Radical Practice celebrates the extraordinary, award-winning designs of Marlon Blackwell Architects, an Arkansas-based firm with a focus on public and civic projects that are located outside of the established centers of architectural culture.

At Home with Art: A Beginner’s Guide to Collecting on any Budget by Olivia de Fayet, Fanny Saulay, Marie Vendittelli | Rizzoli
Drawing on a decade of experience at Christie’s, Olivia de Fayet and Fanny Saulay know that the world is full of artistic talents waiting to be discovered and, with At Home with Art, they want to reframe who can access original works.

Rose Tarlow: Three Houses photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna, François Halard, and Fernando Montiel Klint | Vendome
Inspired by memories of her East Coast childhood home, Windrift, lost in a fire more than 50 years ago, Rose Tarlow showcases three of her family houses in this deluxe slipcased volume. Often referred to as “the decorator’s decorator,” Tarlow has a distinctive style that has won her numerous international accolades, and her own houses are the embodiment of her design philosophy, exuding charming eccentricity and uncompromising quality.

Iro: The Essence of Color in Japanese Design by Rossella Menegazzo | Phaidon
The first and only survey of Japanese design as seen through the lens of Japan’s traditional color spectrum – an exquisitely packaged fresh take on a universally popular topic.

Recurrent Visions: The Architecture of Marshall Brown Projects by Karen Kice and Marshall Brown | PA Press
Architect and artist Marshall Brown is making space for the future by remixing the legacy of modern architecture in this exploration of his visionary urban ideas, brought to life through extraordinary collages, drawings, models, and photographs. Recurrent Visions journeys into the cities, places, and spaces of the future crafted by the hands of today, with contributions from today’s leading architectural thinkers, Monica Ponce de Leon, Joseph Becker, Allison Glenn, and Adrienne Brown.

Nomad at Home: Designing the Home More Traveled by Hilary Robertson | Simon & Schuster
In Nomad at Home, compulsive wanderer Hilary Robertson showcases 10 unique locations and tells the stories of different nomadic tribes: the Adopters, who have left home forever and made a life elsewhere, as well as the Escapists, always on the move, with a base in two, three, or maybe even four locations. Then there are the Serial Wanderers, who simply absorb the DNA of any given destination and bring it all back home.

Faye Toogood: Drawing, Material, Sculpture, Landscape edited by Alistair O’Neill | Phaidon
The first in-depth look at the work of the globally celebrated and multidisciplinary London-based designer Faye Toogood – this book covers all aspects of her work, from clothes and furniture, to installations and interior design.

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