14 Incredible Wallpaper Designs – Realistic to Psychedelic

Forest realistic wallpaper
Forest Dreams Wall Mural photo credit: thefancy.com

Applying color to a single wall panel is an easy way to enhance a room’s appearance. Add a pattern on top of that color and you’ve got yourself a work of art. Wallpaper is back in style and better than ever! Find here five unique categories of wallpaper including Psychedelic, Geographic, Geometric, Realistic, and Magnetic that apply to every style.

1. Psychedelic Wallpaper

alt Deutsch wallpaper
Alt Deutsch Wallpaper “Job Smeets has created stunning sets for the promotional photos as well as our showroom in Milan during Salone del Mobile, so the Studio Job craftsmanship is present in every detail of this presentation,” says Rick Vintage, founder of NLXL. photo credit: NLXL

These groovy, free-flowing patterns are a little eccentric, but in a visually stunning sort-of-way. The uniquely outlandish element of this style of wallpaper incorporates an entrancing and energetic effect in the room—not for the faint of art.

Siirtolapuutarha by Marimekko

Two Netherland-based design companies collaborate to create a psychedelic wallpaper collection. NLXL manufactured seven motifs, deduced from 50 procured patterns that Studio Job founders Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel dug up from their archives. The Archives Collection consist of, “Industry, Labyrinth, Perished, Alt Deutsch, L’Afrique and Withered Flowers,” all of which are printed in monochrome or color on non-woven paper with a matte finish. Each roll is nine meters by 48.7 centimeters of which Smeets notes, “With this wallpaper you no longer need any paintings. Viewed in this way, per running meter, it is relatively cheap art.”

With this wallpaper you no longer need any paintings. Viewed in this way, per running meter, it is relatively cheap art.

lotus wallpaper
Lotus by Farrow & Ball; photo credit: Lonny Magazine

2. Geographic Wallpaper

Antique World Map
Antique World Map from 1777; photo credit: wallpapered.com

Map designs add some purpose to your paper. Wallpapered.com has a great collection of vintage and modern map motifs.

Whole Wide World
Whole Wide World color pattern map; photo credit: mrperswall.com

Put up some worldly wallpaper in the office, bathroom, or playroom, as an educational tool and culturally classy artistic enhancement.

world map wallpaper
Detailed World Map; photo credit: wallpapered.com

3. Geometric Wallpaper

Hexagon Wallpaper
Geometric Hexagon photo credit: Cole & Sons

Give your walls some dimension with uniformed patterns. These linear arrangements create a clean-cut appearance.

Monroe wallpaper
Monroe by Ferm Living photo credit: Ferm Living

Choose a more vibrant, multi-element design for a bolder backdrop.

Mosaic wallpaper
Mosaic by Manikani Lab photo credit: theharlow.net

4. Realistic Wallpaper

Scrapwood realistic Wallpaper
Scrapwood by NLXL by Arte photo credit: etoffe.com

The walls are alive! Or at least they look lifelike with these wallpapers. Incorporate a rustic, natural look in your home with graphics that create the illusion of a different setting.

Luggage realistic wallpaper
Luggage by Andrew Martin photo credit: andrewmartin.co.uk

5. Magnetic Wallpaper

Mazout Magnetic Wallpaper
Bunny by Mazout photo credit: couleurlocale.eu

Does magnetic wallpaper attract you? This idea puts the ‘fun’ in functional decorating. Magnetized wallpaper is an innovative way to organize the office and kitchen areas, or to cultivate creativity in the children’s room.

Woodlands Magnetic Wallpaper
Woodlands Khaki Blue by Sian Zeng photo credit: sianzeng.com

Magnetic wallpaper was an idea conceived by Vienna based product designer Patricia Adler. Adler sought a solution to cure her walls’ stagnant imagery. In collaboration with London based brand consultant Jeremy Lee, Adler created MagScapes.




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