6 Great Ideas For Decorating A Large Wall Space

Large wall space can dramatically transform your interior when things are hung on it. There are a lot of ways to convert a large wall space into eye-catching focal points at home. Suddenly, amazing décor items bring life to a blank wall while increasing the beauty of your interior. Do you have large wall space in your room, and you don’t know what to do with it? If yes, then here are a few ideas for decorating a large wall space that you may use in your home.

Create an Amazing Gallery Wall

Sometimes just a picture of family or painting is not enough to cover the large wall space you have in your room. So, in that case, you may fill the wall with several mages of different sizes and shapes as well.

When you collectively hang images on a wall, it is termed as a gallery wall. The photos can be your own photographs, natural sceneries, paintings or can be a mix of all. The wall with frames of different sizes will not only look attractive but will also fill the space with life.

Opt For Over-Sized Wall Art

If mix and match is not your style, you can choose a large canvas wall art to cover enough wall space in your home. An over-sized piece of art in the living room also works as a focal point.

However, you do not need to cover the entire wall with the art piece. You can leave some portion blank to make space look more impressive. An oversized painting or photograph will command attention in the room and set the tone in a small space.

Cover the Wall with Wallpaper

Using wallpapers on a large wall is a great way to transform the room’s décor. It works irrespective of the home design, room size, or interior theme. Further, the installation of wallpaper is also very easy and can change the look o room in no time.

Go creative with Modular Shelves

Placing modular shelves with a unique design on the large wall is a unique yet superb way to add charm in your room. Apart from uplifting the aesthetic of your room, these shelves also work as beautiful storage units.

You can display your favorite readings, showpiece, photo frames, toys, and more on these shelves. Moreover, the uniquely designed shelves add interest to blank walls.

Let Nature Be Part of Your Room

If you’re looking for a new way of decoration to cover large wall space, then living green plants is a great option. Creating a living wall offers you many benefits. The green indoor plants help purify the air and reduce stress.

Further, a touch of nature will give a new and attractive look to your room. There are several indoor plants that you can hang on the wall with the help of some support.

Mirrors Do Wonder On Large Wall Space

You can also decorate your large wall space with mirrors. Mirrors in space reflect more light and make the room look bigger. There are many fancy mirrors in the market with beautiful frames that you can choose for your space. You can choose to hang one large mirror or can create a gallery wall with many small mirrors of different sizes.

Final Words

Decorate the large wall space with creative decoration ideas and make your room look beautiful than ever.

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