Art Is On The Menu At This Long Island Restaurant

We’re all eyes when dining out. Upon entering a restaurant, we do a quick take of the bar, then a good scan of the dining room as we head to our table, surveying the crowd. Settling into our seats, we glance at the plates on neighboring tables to get a read on the kitchen. And somewhere between the arrival of the apéritif and the presentation of the first course, we turn our gaze out again, to see just where we’ve landed. At 7 Gerard in Huntington, New York, it’s an environment as engaging to the eye as it is to the palate.

With the work of designer and co-owner Eileen Kathryn Boyd, the newly opened restaurant is outfitted with a sophisticated array of paintings, drawings and photography. And thanks to Boyd’s astutely dynamic placement of the work, these art-filled interiors pulse with an energy rarely encountered in any gallery. “It’s a very powerful experience to stand in front of a piece of art and have a reaction to it,” observes Boyd. “I knew that the power of art in this space would be a game changer.”

Boyd’s selections include black-and-white photos from the collection of Mark Bozek (director of the 2018 documentary “The Times of Bill Cunningham”) and a mixed media diptych by Manhattan-based Kerry Irvine. Key to her vision is the work of Diego Garcia, whose street-inflected style animates the space with an unmistakably contemporary vibe. Boyd commissioned several pieces from the self-taught, Long Island artist, including a large image for the central staircase of the three-story building. “I wanted him to set the mood for the space overall,” explains Boyd, who refers to his large contribution in the stairway as “the Main Character.”

Artist Diego Garcia, whose work at 7 Gerard includes this vibrant mural.

A word-driven mural by artist Harrison Angevine enlivens a hallway.

Executed in acrylic and spray paint, the piece blends abstraction and the figurative in a kind of joyous vortex dominated by purple and black. “I aimed to capture the feeling of confidence when you’re in your favorite outfit, the energy exchanged over meals and the dialogues that move people,” shares Garcia. “My work for 7G, like all of my work, is something that you experience. Just like your favorite color or song, it takes on new life through you.”

Photography by Patrick Cline.

About The Designer | It might be the stitching on a jacket reimagined as the edge of a drapery panel or an exposed zipper on a dress transformed into the slipcover on a chair. If there’s a way to translate couture fashion to interior design, Eileen will find it. Her fashion-forward sensibilities are unmistakable as soon as one crosses the threshold into her design atelier. Though she often finds inspiration through nature, music, museums and her insatiable wanderlust, she can mostly be found tearing out pages of fashion magazines, searching for unusual color combinations and intriguing pattern mixes. Inspired by the artist within, Eileen draws from a blend of artistic intuition and formal education, including studies at Rhode Island School of Design, Parsons School of Design and the American College in Paris. She remains active in the local design and arts scene as a board member of the Huntington Arts Council, as an Allied Member of ASID, and as a member of both The Decorators Club and The National Arts Club. With two fabric lines for Duralee under her Hermès belt, Eileen and her happy-hued color philosophy are weaving a tapestry of well-dressed interiors fit for the most discerning clientele.

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