7 Ways to Be Scandi Cool with Your Interior This Fall

(image from Pexels)
(image from Pexels)

From gorgeous stars and innovative foods, to tech startups and productivity – everyone’s talking about the Scandis. But it’s in art and design that these Northern powerhouses can really feed our imaginations. Scandinavian interior is so much more than Ikea! It’s all about understated luxury and ethical design choices. Here are seven ways you can Scandify your interior for the approaching fall (and not a flatpack dresser in sight).

ownimgLET THE FOREST IN & USE WOOD IN YOUR HOME | Scandinavian countries are covered in forest. Literally covered. It’s in these cool and dark places that the Scandis really feel at home. Forests hold a special place in Scandinavian mythology, so it’s no surprise that wood features big inside their homes. Butter knives, mugs, boards, clocks, chairs – wood is everywhere.
● Look for interesting wood textures and grains and go for ethically sourced, sustainable wood.
● Use wood grains and patterns to add personality to your interior. Accent light birch wood with darker hues for added impact.
● Images of trees and the color green are calming, so use them in paintings and wall art (more about green’s psychological properties).

ownimg1EMBRACE THE ECO LIFESTYLE & HUNT FOR SCANDI VINTAGE | Waste not, want not. These frugal countries are all about the pleasures of upcycling and living ethically. Scandis shop in flea markets and thrift stores and manage to still look stylish and elegant!
Same with their homes – Scandi interior is all about mixing high quality and durable items with upcycled vintage pieces.
The heyday of Scandinavian design was in the 1950s and 1960s , so flea markets are a great place to find classic Scandi design pieces.
● Shop around for finds at flea markets or thrift stores ( find your local flea market here – you may have to travel to a bigger city for the day).
● To get into it, start small and buy table accessories and glassware, moving to furniture once you feel a bit more comfortable. You want to have your eyes peeled for classic brands like Arabia, Orrefors, Iittala and BoConcept; or designers like Aalto or Wirkkala.
● Look for vintage prints. They make for awesome cushion covers or statement wall art. Brands to look out for include Finnish textile designers Marimekko and Finlayson.

ownimg2HARDWOOD FLOORS + RUGS = HEAVEN | Scandinavian floors are the ultimate understated luxury feature. You’ll want highly polished quality wood that reflects light, with a few rugs dotted here and there for a touch of cloudlike softness.
Hardwood floors are durable and they are easy to take care of and clean (as long as you remember to polish them regularly).
● Invest in quality hardwood flooring, there’s no point in going for cheap stuff that doesn’t
fit down properly.
● Research where the wood is coming from to make sure it has been ethically sourced.

ownimg3EMBRACE THE COOL, WINTER PALETTE | Carbon grays, icy blues and iridescent whites – the cool winter hues and palette are a great counterbalance to the usual fall tones of oranges, yellows and reds. Deck your house out like an icy winter palace and see the space expand. These colors lend themselves to a feeling of understated elegance.
● These colors are all about minimalism and clean lines.
● They are perfect for creating that clean and airy Scandi feel.

(image from flickr)
(image from flickr)

GO VINTAGE SCANDI | Often seen as ultramodern, Scandinavian design is also full of history. Vintage Scandi is all about simplicity and rustic features and colors. Imagine a big old wooden farmhouse by a fjord, filled to the brim with simple and stylish furniture.
Embrace different shades of painted wood, ceramics, rugs and tapestries, and emphasize usability,
not frivolity.
● Old wooden dressers are great for showing off your design finds.
● Experiment with different colored wood furniture.

ownimg4USE QUIRKY & COLORFUL PRINTS AS ACCENTS | Scandi textile design is bold and quirky, filled with animals and strong, geometric shapes. Scandis match their love for minimalism ( some cool minimalist products featured here ) with bold textiles and prints.
● Use quirky prints on cushions, pillows and accent textiles.
● Look for animal motifs featuring fish, birds, owls, bears and foxes for that Scandi forest feel.

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