Anne Rainey Rokahr Understands The Power Of Pink

Anne Rainey Rokahr is a maximalist. Founder of Winston-Salem’s own Trouvaille Home, the South’s premier destination for hand-selected estate pieces, contemporary collections, North Carolina-made custom upholstery, and mid-century masters, Anne has a penchant for all things colorful and flamboyant.

“Why be plain when you can be fancy?” Rokahr often remarks. Nowhere is this maxim more evident than her 1920s bungalow that is bursting with pigments, metallics, vibrant finishes, and delicate baubles.

Each room can be described as a jewel box in its own respect and is outfitted with custom upholstery from her store. Always the free spirit, Anne makes use of bold color and lively patterns alongside treasured antiques, artwork, and mementos. Here, in the sunroom, a pale yellow wall and couch are contrasted with a brightly colored, painted floral pattern upholstery for chairs, pillows, and window treatments.

In the dining room, atop a purple oriental floral-patterned rug, sit her retro metal frame chairs and a large brass dining table. Here, in the glimmer of the light from long hot pink candles, is where Anne loves to entertain guests and throw soirees. Anne loves a vintage bar cart, and has many throughout her home. Bringing the room together is a large abstract painting that sets the scene for a lively conversation, and matches the rug with distinction.

The kitchen, in pale yellow, offers a space for Anne to create a fabulous meal, or an even more fabulous drink. Anne’s collection of vintage silver dishware add an elegance to any party or cocktail.

Since the founding of Trouvaille Home in 2014, Anne has become a leading voice in North Carolina interiors. Following solidly by her “fancy living” ethos, her home stands as a testament to the transformative power of design – the power to create a space that stimulates the senses and inspires the soul.

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