APF Munn Presents: Paintings and Lithographs from the Collection of Artioli Findlay

Left to right: Rene Genis, Maurice Brianchon, and Guy Bardone in classic gold frames.

In the inaugural event held by APF Munn and Artioli Findlay, which opened on February 20, a collaboration that has spanned the last 45 years is showcased and celebrated. This exhibition focuses on works from French artists Guy Bardone, Rene Genis and Maurice Brianchon and their stylized representations of landscapes, still lifes and street scenes, each work an expression of freedom, joy, and contemplation. The collection will remain on display through March 20, 2020.

This earthy Guy Bardone still-life is paired with an exquisitely embellished gold frame from APF Munn.

Rebecca Senior and Pauline Findlay discuss the history behind a selection of gorgeous lithographs by Rene Genis and Bernard Cathelin, among others.

Popular with collectors for their distinctive stylization, composition, and color combinations, these artists are perennial inspirations for designers and decorators across decades. Throughout the night, Pauline Findlay and Rebecca Senior of Artioli Findlay gave presentations of several of the works on display, expressing their vast art historical knowledge and also a deep appreciation for the work that came from this community of artists.

The gold finishing on this frame perfectly complements the warmth in the tones of this Rene Genis flower painting – a tribute to this collaboration.

Artioli Findlay’s Rebecca Senior shows off this effervescent still-life by Guy Bardone.

The event was the debut of the pop-up installation space within APF Munn’s showroom, a new venture to mark the company’s 65th anniversary this year. The relationship with Artioli Findlay has been strong and loyal for the past 45 years, and it is one of the framers’ many beloved collaborations, others including framing the new MoMA, the National Portrait Gallery, the Getty Museum, and the Frick Collection. Along with the thousands of museum-quality frames on display, APF Munn had many of their exquisite custom mirrors lining the showroom to be admired as well. The crowd consisted of long-time fans of the Paris School painters, artists, designers, and gallerists alike, all admiring the history and craftsmanship of the paintings and frames and discussing the joys of living with art.

Pot bleu au decor bleu by Guy Bardone dazzles brightly in a frame that is classic and elegant.

Three lithographs by Rene Genis sit in front of a spectacular display of APF Munn corner samples.

Artioli Findlay was founded in 2006 by Pauline Findlay. Their core collection of French School of Paris painters were the primary artists of a fifth-generation Madison Avenue gallery and it now operates out of private rooms at UOVO:NYC, combining the inventory depth of a gallery backroom with the service and client experience of an art advisory. Their director Rebecca Senior brings over 30 years of experience in art dealing with the School of Paris painters. The artists included in the gallery are Guy Bardone, Andre Brasilier, Maurice Brianchon, Bernard Cathelin, Rene Genis, Gabriel Godard, Pierre Lesieur, and Roger Muhl.

In 1955, Abe Munn co-founded APF with his brothers Morris and Ben after developing his craft with master framers Julius Lowy and Robert Kulicke. After a few years of work at APF, Munn opened his own business, Abe Munn Picture Frames, in 1959. With the addition of new employees a few years later, Munn expanded the operation to include specialty carved frames and eventually hand-laid gold leaf finishes. In 2004, APF and Munn Frames merged to create APF Munn and APF Master Frame Makers. The company now occupies a 52,000 Sq. Ft. production facility in Yonkers, NY and has a showroom in midtown Manhattan. Currently, their showroom houses more than 2000 corner samples, displaying styles from the 15th century Italian Renaissance to the present day. Many of the techniques developed by Abe Munn are still used to create our handcrafted closed corner frames.

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