Archeology of the Future from Lina Ghotmeh

Known for designing sublime structures around the world, architect Lina Ghotmeh embraces a multi-faceted approach that reveals a new dimension in architecture.

Based in Paris, Lina Ghotmeh Architecture is a critically acclaimed international firm of architects, designers and researchers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of architecture as we know it. The firm was established by French-Lebanese architect Lina Ghotmeh, who co-founded DGT architects (2006-2016). She is recognized as one of today’s leading international architects, celebrated for award winning works such as the Estonian National Museum (2016 winner of the Grand Prix Afex and nominee of the 2017 Mies van der Rohe Award). Her work embodies a kind of archeology of the future, where every new figure is drawn from the traces of its past.

Her projects are all sustainably designed, an important aspect of her process. They derive their aesthetics from a close relationship with nature, and affirm themselves as the very expression of the material from which they are sculpted.

Infused with innovation and poetics, Ghotmeh’s lyrical designs reveal a creative approach to architecture. Each project presents an opportunity for thorough historical research, ultimately leading to exquisite structures that tap into one’s memories and senses. Among her upcoming projects are a 14-story wooden tower in Paris named “Realimenter Massena,” (winner of Reinventer Paris’ call for innovative projects), Beirut’s Stone Gardens art foundation and housing tower, and the interior renovation of Palais de Tokyo’s restaurants in Paris.

The Architect was selected by the European Architects Review as one of 10 “visionary architects for a new decade” in 2010. She won several awards including the AJAP prize by the French Ministry in 2008 and the Prix Dejean by the French Academy of Architecture in 2016. Her ground-breaking work continues to inspire and astound in equal measures.

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