Archetypes: Clocks

Clock Wise: Four designers tick off numerous reasons for choosing their favorite clocks, elaborating on styles ranging from classical displays to more whimsical approaches. It’s all about time in big, bold pieces that shout it out, or elegant and refined looks that communicate the hours and minutes more softly. The common denominator in these one-of-a-kind time pieces is their ability to make a statement without saying a word.

JAMES DUNCAN of James Duncan Inc. is known for a design approach he calls “disciplined eclecticism.” He and his wife, Miriam, have developed over 250 designs sold to the trade around the world. Their work has been featured in some of the world’s top publications, including Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, The New York Times, Vogue, Shelter and Metropolitan Home. 

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT – Pendulum Clock by George Nelson for Howard Miller $3,750 “George Nelson might seem predictable, but his pendulum clocks are special. They are a splendid, seamless melding of modernism with 17th century design. The movement is soothing and adds intriguing tongue in cheek to any room.”; Swedish Mora Clock $12,000-18,000 “Swedish Mora clocks were produced by farm families during the 18th and 19th centuries. Tens of thousands were made, and fine antique and replica examples are readily available. As with all reproductions of traditional designs, one must be very careful to choose those made with good materials and workmanship and authentic design. We love the whimsical shape and the delicate blue and gold distressed paintwork. These clocks provide an interesting counterpoint to contemporary interiors. I particularly enjoy them in kitchens and open family rooms. They just make me happy.”; Mechanical Flip Down Clock $45 by KABB “Lastly a cheap one but one of our favorites. This is an inexpensive clock I stumbled upon on the Internet. We keep one in our living room, and the whole family loves it. It’s simple, bold, and provides movement and humor.”; Alexa Dot $40 “I understand that this is hardly an inspiring design for a clock. You can’t even see the time when you look at it, but for me, it’s a symbol of what’s to come. I recommend these to my clients to use throughout the house. The Dot not only tells you the time, but it also sets multiple alarms and appointment reminders, answers questions, plays music, makes shopping lists, controls lights and so much more. It basically turns your house into a simple to-use smart house for non-techies who would rather spend their money on gorgeous paintings and other aesthetically pleasing objects. It has become an intricate part of my life. In fact, I would love to design one for Amazon that is as interesting to look at as it is to interact with.”

MARIE BURGOS of Marie Burgos Design carefully combines Feng Shui principles and the personal vision of every client, creating interiors that are harmonious, sophisticated and functional, all while embracing the clients’ personal aesthetics and lifestyle needs. The company designs residential and commercial projects, and works closely with major hotel brands.FROM LEFT TO RIGHT – Concrete Fractured Clock $160 “Eleven-inch lightweight concrete with copper leaf.”; Migrantbird X Clock C Form by Haoshi $160 “An original, fun design for a kid’s bedroom. Time flies! by Haoshi.”; Antique 59” Iron Wall Clock $629 “This iron clock, reminiscent of the large timepiece in a railway station or at the top of a clock tower, exudes a sense of dramatic grandeur.”  FROM LEFT TO RIGHT – Sunburst Wall Clock $360 “The Sunburst wall clock is a combination of metal and wood construction. From the white, round clock core there are rays of darkly stained walnut shooting out to mark the hours.”; Mini Bilbao AROS Collection “It is a clock with a simple, light design, composed by a single black fiberglass ring and embellished with coquette natural walnut details.” 

JIUN HO of Jiun Ho Inc., is a San Francisco-based furnishings designer whose motto can be summed up as “be inspired, be different.” Widely recognized for creating extraordinary interiors that blend his elemental aesthetic with a global outlook, he uses balance and harmony as the cornerstones of his designs. Richly toned woods, contrasting textures, lively patterns and opulent materials inform Ho’s work. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT – Rnd Wall Clock designed by Progetti $210 “Graphic with the use of Helvetica numbers that are installation-like.” $210; Raggiante designed by Michele De Lucchi $280 “Pure modern Italia: a mix of art, craftmanship, and a small dose of industrial vibe.”; Cucu Clock with Bird designed by Diamantini & Domeniconi $446 “An homage to the cuckoo clocks you find in Bavaria, it’s whimsically modern while giving a nod to the past.” FROM LEFT TO RIGHT – ARRIS designed by Adam Cornish $160 “Who needs numbers when you have this poetic ode to the endless passing of time?”; Nelsontm Ball Clock produced by Vitra $395 “Distinctive and utterly playful, George Nelson created an iconic clock with this design.” 

ADAM MESHBERG, founding principal of the Meshberg Group, a Brooklyn-based design consulting firm specializing in new construction interior and exterior design, historic preservation and adaptive reuse. As the designer and developer of the Mason Fisk residential conversion in Williamsburg, he triggered an approach to adaptive reuse currently seen throughout Brooklyn. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT – Marble Clock / Hour Revolution by Formafantasma “This is a beauty! Beveled marble in two sections makes this one of the most dynamic clocks I have ever seen – taking a solid piece of stone and forcing the user to think about the time by looking at the line of the veins. Most people may not know that it is, in fact, a clock, but this creates a great conversation piece for a home or any space. All the works created by Formafantasma are clean, simple and put so much emphasis on the materials.”; Water Tower Clock by Stefan Rurak $3,000 “I love this clock, as it is made from original water tower wood, repurposed for a new use. Simple clean texture of the charred wood with metal clock hands. Reminiscent of the Japanese technique of charring wood. The water towers were originally built in Brooklyn so this piece has really come full circle.”; Nixie Grandfather Clock and Nixie Wall Clock designed by Tyler Hays “They are all cool, but the Grandfather Clock is particularly so.” $19,500 bronze w/door Grandfather Clock $6,500 bronze w/door Wall Clock 

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