ASPIRE Archetypes: Three Distinguished Designers Talk Up Their Fave Dishware

Now we’re dishin’ and our favorite new styles are deliciously indulgent. Looking for pared down minimalism? Take the cake on clean, easy-lined tableware. If your style leans more toward the whimsical, your next meal will taste even better on intricately patterned collections. Or chose looks that effortlessly bridge the formal and informal with dishware in classic colors and silhouettes. Tempting and tantalizing, these tabletop items will make you want to join the clean plate club.


Lexi Tallisman | Principal, Greyscale Interiors

Classic Dinner Party or Netflix for Two? Netflix for Two.
Serve Yourself Buffet or Attentive Waiters? Attentive Waiters.
Top Chef or Takeout? Top Chef.
Curated Wine Pairing or BYOB? BYOB.
Cozy Corner Booth or Airy Outdoor Café? Airy Outdoor Café.

Lexi’s picks:

Bistro Tile Side Plate | Anthropologie
You had me at “Bistro” AND “Tile”! So French, so chic, oui oui oui!!!

Pressed Meadow Dinner Plate | Terrain
Anything flower-pressed has my attention. These are so pretty & would look lovely dressed up on a table, but would play just as well with a casual setting.

Stingray Shark Melamine Dinner Plate | Etsy
This shop has some fun designs to choose from!

Zoysia Dinnerware in Cobalt | Anthropologie
Beautifully saturated color and has a Russel Wright vibe that I love.

Barry Goralnick | Principal, Goralnick Architecture Design Studio

1959 Dom Pérignon or 2020 Dos Equis? Dom Pérignon.
Pull Up a Chair or Black Tie Formality? Pull up a chair. Six is the ideal number for us to entertain.
Potluck or Prime Rib? Potluck.
Mom’s Kitchen or a Michelin-Star Meal? Michelin-Star meal.
Casserole or Caviar? I do have a weakness for good caviar. 

Barry’s Picks:

Glass Cloche | Garde
This beautiful Glass Cloche is perfect for keeping pesky insects away from the food. It’s simply elegant and barely even there.

Wooden Palate Mod Bowl | Garde
Since I now divide my time between New York and Los Angeles, I have found wonderful new sources on the West Coast for great design. This reclaimed, recycled, repurposed wooden bowl is another find from Garde. It is just stunning.

Skull Place Card Holders | Joanna Buchanan
Three simple things make for a memorable summer gathering:
1. Mix it up with people who haven’t met yet.
2. Thoughtful seating arrangement for lively conversation – and chic name cards, so no one’s embarrassed they don’t remember a name.
3. A sense of whimsy. They do the trick nicely.

Alora Glam plates | Godinger
These Alora Glam plates by Godinger are melamine. The simple white and gold pattern feels at home mixed in on a formal table or as the perfect plate at a lobster bake on the beach.

MetroChic Collection by Barry Goralnick | Villeroy & Boch Signature
Nothing is more elegant or decadent than dining on premium bone porcelain outdoors, whether the meal is casual or haute cuisine. MetroChic’s versatile pattern makes the meal and the diner feel it’s the right place to be.

Judy Dunne | Principal, Butter & Eggs Interiors

Stay At Home or Hit the Town? Hit the town!
Make Reservations or Make a Meal? I used to make reservations, but quarantine has inspired me to cook.
Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore or Carnivore? Omnivore with carnivorous leanings.
Tray Tables or Table for Two? Table for two.
Dishwasher or Sink? Dishwasher.
Candlelight Dinners or Sunday Brunch? Sunday brunch.

Judy’s Picks:

Half And Half Collection in Melamine | Thomas Fuchs Creative
Love these fashion forward color combinations (especially fuchsia/red which appeared on every red carpet during awards show season). The crisp, clean design makes a great starting point for a summer table.

Recycled Bamboo Rainbow Place Setting | EKOBO
The perfect palette and silhouette for a midcentury modern summer table.

Palace Marble Design in Red, Black + White | Fortessa Tableware Solutions
This classic and sophisticated marble pattern in melamine is great to mix and match.

Sandia in Speckled Terracotta Melamine | Fortessa Tableware Solutions
The shape and color are firmly on point and would look amazing under a salad from the farmer’s market.

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