Tribal Art London 2018 Celebrating Oceanic Art and African Culture

Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher, African Twilight

Oceanic art at TAL 2017 (Photo: David Godfrey Images)

Tribal Art London opens Wednesday 5th to Saturday 8th September 2018 at Mall Galleries, London, with a Preview on Tuesday 4th September. Now in its 11th iteration, and the UK’s first-ever and only specialist collectors’ event in this field, Tribal Art London Fair has 21 participants from the UK, Europe, Africa and the USA.

Indigenous and tribal art and artefacts, no longer the preserve of museum curators and ethnographers, are an important element of today’s art market. Tribal Art London is the UK’s most important focal point for international and local collectors, and has stamped its mark on the international fair circuit by offering an exciting diversity of works for sale, as well as hosting lectures and talks on many subjects relating to indigenous cultures. Tribal Art London is an established precursor to Parcours des Mondes Paris, and attracts dealers, art institutions and private buyers from across the world. Regular attendees include Sir David Attenborough, designers such as Chester Jones and curators from leading museums.
Tribal artefacts can make a striking complement to modern and contemporary artworks, and they appeal to fledgling and seasoned art buyers alike. In 2018, the focus at Tribal Art London is on two particular areas:

  • Oceanic art, marking the 250th year since Captain Cook sailed the South Pacific and coinciding with a number of significant museum exhibitions dedicated to this subject (at the RA and British Library)
  • African art, associated with ceremonial use, as the Fair plays host to the latest book launch, African Twilight, by renowned photographers and anthropologists Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher.

New exhibitors at Tribal Art London 2018 are Clive Rogers (London) with fine tribal textiles and works of art, and Sisi Tatu (Belgium), with thirty years of experience in ethnic material culture. Returning to TAL is Finette Lemaire (Amsterdam) whose family has specialised in the art of New Guinea, Oceania and Indonesia for three generations.

They join regulars such as Kenn MacKay (London), a dealer with wide-ranging interests but with a special focus on American Indian art; Jeremy Sabine (South Africa), specialising in South African artefacts; David Malik (London) with tribal objects, focusing on the martial culture of Central and Western Africa; Rob Temple (Belgium) with artefacts from Africa, Asia and Oceania; Emmanuel Amelot of Belgium with ethnographic and African tribal art; Frans Faber (The Netherlands) with fine tribal arts from Indonesia, Oceania and Africa; Raccanello Tribal Art (UK) with Polynesian art, and Ian Stewart Shaw (Scotland) who specialises in African art. Bibliophiles head straight to the stand of Charles Vernon-Hunt (UK), a specialist in tribal art books.

The UK Organisers of Tribal Art London are Adam Prout, with tribal art and artefacts from all regions of the globe, and Bryan Reeves of Tribal Gathering, expert in African tribal art and adornment. Entry to the Fair is free. For opening times and further information visit the fair website.

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