ASPIRE Archetype Fawn Galli Talks Wallpaper Musts And Bucket Lists

Fawn Galli, principal of Fawn Galli Interior Design, a full-service residential and commercial firm with extensive experience in interior design and construction management, is renowned for her masterful use of color and texture; she brings a fresh eye and modern approach to every project.

For ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME Magazine’s Summer issue, we caught up with Fawn to talk wallpaper faves, and top bucket list items. See her insights here!

Top 4 Wallpaper Patterns:

When a room requires an instant transformation, wallpaper has you covered. Few other design elements have the power to transport you to another place, however fleetingly, while simultaneously setting a desired mood and tone. No matter what print you are drawn to, it all looks good on paper.

Nairutya | Eskayel

“I love Eskayel and all they do! They are designed locally here in Brooklyn and have a kaleidoscope hippy chic vibe.”

Cherry Forever | Flavor Paper

“Printed on yellow mylar and SCENTED, this wallpaper is a showstopper. Flavor paper has a wonderful selection of funky and vibrant patterns.”

Full Bloom | Flat Vernacular

“I love to use a bold paper like this in unexpected places – like pantries or laundry rooms. Flat vernacular has some amazing prints and the scale of them is what makes them so special.”

Marthe Armitage | Hamilton Weston

“Marthe hand-blocked wallpapers come in so many dreamy colors and lovely patterns. Her prints are inspired by the English countryside and when used in a space, they transport you right there into that field. I appreciate that they are hand- blocked and imperfect which add an artesian soulfulness to the walls.” 

Top 3 Items on her Bucket List:

 1. “Design a glass home in a tropical forest, to be so close to the wild jungle while you are inside with the comfort and coziness of a protected home. The freedom and the wildlife of the exterior as inspiration to create a vibrant home. In my book, “Magical Rooms,” I speak about growing up in the redwood forest and how it informs my interior design work.”

2. “Live in Paris. I LOVE Paris. But to live there and create a home there would be a dream. I am very inspired by their charm, fashion, food, gardens, furniture design and love of beauty.”

3. “Help the Syrian population. It is heartbreaking that people are homeless and countryless because of war. Everyone deserves the safety of a home.”

Get a sneak peek inside Fawn’s new book, Magical Rooms: Elements Of Interior Design, here!

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