ASPIRE Archetype Katie Hodges Talks Wallpaper Musts And Bucket Lists

LA-based KATIE HODGES DESIGN is a residential interior design firm specializing in furnishings and construction. Delivering custom spaces that are highly thoughtful and personalized.

For ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME Magazine’s Summer issue, we caught up with Katie to talk wallpaper faves, and top bucket list items. See her insights here! 

Top 4 Wallpaper Patterns:

When a room requires an instant transformation, wallpaper has you covered. Few other design elements have the power to transport you to another place, however fleetingly, while simultaneously setting a desired mood and tone. No matter what print you are drawn to, it all looks good on paper.

Modern Stone | August Abode

“A muted geometric pattern is perfect for people who have a hard time committing to a color or bold pattern. It packs a punch, but in a very subtle way that’s more of a whisper versus a shout.”

Bamboo and Birds | Bob Collins and Sons Inc.

“Perfect in both small and large spaces alike, this wallpaper feels fun and exciting while still maintaining a timeless elegance.”

Chou Chou | Sister Parish

“The black and cream color palette is the perfect neutral, with a pattern that can read as both playful and sophisticated, depending on its application and context. Its small scale is perfect for layering larger scale patterned draperies or tiles without clashing.”

Tancho | Maison C.
“This is one of my all-time favorite wallpapers that I can’t wait to use in an elegant powder or bathroom. The artistry in the pattern is exquisite.”

Top 3 Items on her Bucket List:

1. I’d love to move to a different country at some point in my life. I’ll know when it’s the right time . . . there are so many adventures ahead for me!

2. Taking a road trip across America in a vintage camper van. I can’t wait to hit the dirt road and discover America more intimately!

3. I’d like to own a pet pig. Perhaps when I move to my villa in Italy, that would be the perfect time!

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