Meet The ASPIRE HOUSE McLean 2020 Designers: An Exclusive Interview With J. Paul Lobkovich

A bit of glamour is always a good thing, especially when it comes to custom wardrobes designed by J. Paul Lobkovich of Lobkovich Kitchen Designs. Recently launching Lobkovich Wardrobes, J. Paul is showcasing His and Her Wardrobes at ASPIRE HOUSE McLean, which are outfitted with custom metal accessories in brushed brass and polished stainless, as well as water jet-patterned shelves fabricated by their metal shop. Learn more about all the fancy finishes available in the His and Her Wardrobes in an exclusive interview with Sherry Moeller.

Rendering of Her Wardrobe by J. Paul Lobkovich at ASPIRE HOUSE McLean. Rendering by Lobkovich Kitchen Designs.

Sherry Moeller: Describe your room at the show house. How did you come up with the concept and what’s the backstory?
J. Paul Lobkovich: Our goal in designing the Master Wardrobes was to create dressing spaces evoking the feel of high-end boutiques. This has been achieved by using fine, luxury finishes, integral LED lighting, and smart organizational accessories. In Her Wardrobe, we paired taupe painted cabinetry with muted, bleached walnut accents for a soft feel. Alternatively, we added more drama to His Wardrobe by pairing off-black painted cabinets with rustic hickory accents.

We upped the glamour factor by introducing metal accessories in brushed brass and polished stainless on shelves, wardrobe rails, valet rods, and other elements. For an additional touch, we worked with our local metal shop, creating a water jet pattern for the dressing room shelves.

Lastly, we added softer textures in both wardrobes with the introduction of leather. In His Wardrobe, we placed black leather shelves against the backdrop of a grey jumbo crocodile leather panel. In “Her” wardrobe, we opted for a pebbled, textured shagreen leather.

On this side of a recent Her Wardrobe designed by Lobkovich Kitchen Designs, J. Paul Lobkovich created a high-end boutique feel with a mirrored vanity and white finishes. Photo by Lobkovich Kitchen Designs.

SM: What’s a favorite element you plan to incorporate into your space at the ASPIRE HOUSE McLean?
JPL: The custom metal elements.

SM: What projects have you done in the past that most resemble or relate in some way to what you plan to design at the ASPIRE HOUSE McLean? Or is this a completely different concept?
JPL: We recently launched Lobkovich Wardrobes to address our clients’ needs for high-end dressing spaces that are personal and intimate, as well as feature a flexible ensemble of new materials to create spaces that are glamorous and highly functional. These include custom metal and textiles, such as leather/shagreen and fabric. We also use integral LED lighting and organization accessories for every need. We have several recent installations and many more currently in production and design development.

SM: Have you participated in other show houses and why?
JPL: Yes, we designed the Kitchen at the 2015 DC Design House in McLean. We enjoy participating in show houses as they are an opportunity to present new design ideas to a lot of people in a short period of time. Feedback from show houses allows us to refine our ideas and become better designers. They also give us a chance to get to know more of our design colleagues and to learn from them.

On the other side of a recent Her Wardrobe designed by Lobkovich Kitchen Designs, J. Paul Lobkovich extended the luxurious elements by adding warm wood tones, a place to lounge, and plenty of mirrors. Photo by Lobkovich Kitchen Designs.

SM: What’s next for you design wise—are there some projects you’re particularly excited about? Are there any projects you’d love to tackle, sort of a design bucket list?
JPL: The constantly evolving requirements of our homes presents new opportunities all the time. Given recent national and global events, clients are more focused on how their homes work for their families, and how to incorporate more beauty within their homes. We’re excited about using new materials, colors and textures to address needs, such as better work spaces, cooking areas, and improved storage options including sculleries, larders/pantries, family game/activity storage and wardrobes that can accommodate multiple users simultaneously. More than ever, we’re working, cooking, playing, reading, and hanging out together in our homes. This presents opportunities for lots of new projects and ideas!

Proceeds for ASPIRE HOUSE: McLean will benefit the ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME Diversity in Design Scholarship Fund. Click here to learn more, and purchase tickets for the event; opening August 21 through September 14, 2020.

About the Designer | J. Paul Lobkovich of Lobkovich Kitchen Designs has more than 28 years of experience designing acclaimed kitchens, wardrobes, baths, and other millwork solutions throughout the United States. His work has been published in Architectural Digest, Home & Design, Washingtonian, The Seattle Times, Home Magazine, Renovations Style, and Traditional Home. His work has also been featured on Home & Garden Television (HGTV). J. Paul attended The Rhode Island School of Design, The Catholic University of America, and has two degrees in Architecture. In his spare time, J. Paul enjoys gardening, automobiles, and interior design projects for his own home in Miami Beach.

Sherry Moeller is a contributing editor for ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME magazine, see more of her work here.

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