ASPIRE’s Desires: Global Home Quartz

globalhomequartsApproximately 5.5″ in diameter x 3″ high.

Casca Rose Quartz and Gold Bowl | This hand-carved, solid semi-precious gemstone bowl is drenched in electroplated in 24k gold. It is substantial and authentic, designed to last a lifetime.

_zmQbp7SYtuGU8A_5xcfvnoab6LsjKRA4ol2DmZ9ncEApproximately 6″ high x 2.5″ wide.

Smokey Quartz and Gold Dourado Candlesticks Set/2 | This hand-carved, solid semi-precious gemstone bowl is drenched in electroplated in 24k gold. It is substantial and authentic, designed to last a lifetime.

8VW4zhUJYMpnaTk_5k1MNAVqCrhsS-y_GSyotlCNW3MNatural Quartz and Brass with Brass Shade
18″ H x 6″ W
Halcyon Quartz Lamp | We have rarely seen a more desirable table lamp than the Halcyon Quartz Lamp. The solid natural quartz stone is hand-selected, acts as the focal point perched majestically on a sculptural brass base. The mixture of raw material and architectural refinement in interesting scale is hallmark Kelly Wearstler.  Te added detail of a thin layer of quartz on the top of the brass shade casts the most complimentary light. Cool, edgy, yet graceful, this lamp will be the gem of any space.

DTuQJYN0UtE1spCWmGnYlxe6Snprt-4zs807OubLx8MApprox. 6″x 5″.

Chocolate Quartz and Rose Gold Escao Bottle Coaster | These smoky quartz coasters with chic rose gold trim add a stylish protective layer to any dinner table while displaying your favorite bottle of wine. These stunning pieces are beautiful combination of the old and the new with ancient agate and modern electroplating techniques. Protective rubber feet on the underside of each unique piece protect your table.

XX6INLMVB0Tnl8lDr-Dc8Z0GIo-eichIMpUExJPDJcYApproximately 4″ in diameter.

Chocolate Quartz and Gold Lumino Coasters Set/4 | These exquisite pieces, edged in 24K gold and silver, take coasters to a new level. Distinctive and unique designs, they are perfect as gifts for your favorite hosts. This is a natural product; colors and patterns may vary. Assembled in the United States.

0buSu5yIMZBumBBVID6_J9yCZzGpsxUEGI9pvEw3lQUApproximately 10″ x 13″ (size may vary).

Crystal and Rose Gold Kiva Platter | Combining luxurious natural stone with 24K gold, these platters are the height of elegant tabletop décor. Our Kiva platters are perfect for displaying hors d’oeuvres, or for pairing a bottle of wine with artisanal cheeses. Master craftsmen in Brazil hand polish the rare stones, and contour their natural edges with precious metals. Platters are scratch resistant, and rubber feet on the underside protect table surfaces.

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