ASPIRESIDE Chat: Getting Cozy

Carrier and Company

ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME asked designers to reveal the specifics of their personal, cozy spaces.

Mara Miller | Mara Miller says the weekend place she shares with her husband and business partner Jesse Carrier is the epitome of coziness.

“Our weekend home in upstate New York is originally from 1870 and small, so every room is cozy! The living room functions more as a den (with TV) and we’ve managed to fit a sofa, three club chairs and an ottoman in the approximately 14-square-foot room. The intimacy of the space makes it a favorite cozy space. It functions well for relaxed conversation (everyone can put their feet up on the coffee table or ottoman). A large, round, open basket (that we’d usually use for logs) is filled with blankets and throws so everyone can grab one, whether we’re settling in to watch a movie or nap. Cozy implies comfort, and that room is designed for connection, relaxation and comfort, making it a favorite space!”

Luca Andrisani | Being cozy is all about a favorite designer chaise lounge when architect Luca Andrisani takes a well-deserved break at home.

“My favorite cozy space is a corner of my living room, on my Vladimir Kagan chaise lounge. That’s where you will usually find me curled up with a book or simply relaxing while watching a movie.”

Roric Tobin | Nothing is cozier than relaxing in the winter sun with his dog and a newspaper in the country, according to designer Roric Tobin.

“When people say cozy, one tends to picture an enclosed space. So, it may seem counterintuitive that my favorite cozy spot is a sunroom with glass all around. Out in the country, it’s very quiet and the morning sun pours in to make it bright and cheerful, even in winter. On the weekends, I make a pot of tea, curl up on the loveseat with my Brussels Griffon (Gretchen) and read my New York Times in there. During the week, the digital version gives me the important news I need, but on the weekends, I still prefer the real thing.”

Alexandra Hayden | Chunky textures, warm colors and abundant sunlight in a corner of her New York apartment creates the ultimate cozy getaway for interior designer Alexandra Hayden.

”My favorite cozy nook in my apartment is known as the “Kasbah,” nicknamed by my old friend Amy Sacco, who had keys to my place for years and would come there for sanctuary from the madness of the city. It’s really my version of a TV den, as I do not believe in televisions in living rooms, lest we forget entirely the endangered art of conversation. The room is adjacent to my garden and has huge sheet glass windows that open onto the garden, and thick, nubby chocolate-brown linen curtains, the warmest Hermes orange walls… the floors are braided jute and the full-sized daybed is deep, covered in vintage textiles and full of pillows. The walls have artwork gifted by my friends Gandalf Gavan, Sante D’Orazio and A. Sandy White, as well as a huge mirror that belonged to my paternal grandmother that reflects both the figurative history of that side of my family as well as the literal magic of the garden. You do not feel at all in New York; you feel transported, and this sense of removal and safety is the coziest sensation of all.”

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