Bakes & Kropp Cook Up Functional, Thoughtful And Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry

Bakes & Kropp is a luxury kitchen design and cabinetry company that combines the design expertise of Bob Bakes with the craftsmanship knowledge of Paul Kropp. With over 30 years of experience in the home industry, the duo has drawn on their strengths to create the go-to brand of high-quality true custom cabinetry incorporating functional design, thoughtful balance, and timeless beauty. Bakes & Kropp is celebrated for defining fine cabinetry across the United States, and their team of talented employees is known for its impeccable customer service.

We recently spoke with Bob Bakes, Co-Founder and Head of Design, to get an inside looks at the company and their design process.

aspire design and home: How did you begin your career in kitchen design and how has it evolved?
Bob Bakes: I got my college degree in building construction at the University of Nottingham and spent the first 15 years of my career as a surveyor. Starting out in the building industry taught me the structure of how a kitchen comes together. From there, I worked for a few different kitchen companies. I founded Bakes & Company in 2006. Years later, I met Paul Kropp, who I frequently hired to build cabinetry for the kitchens I was designing. We discovered we had a positive working relationship and decided to form an official partnership in 2014. We have been Bakes & Kropp ever since.

ADH: What makes your cabinetry so special?
BB: There’s a sense of peace our clients experience when they sit and absorb what we’ve put together in their kitchens. All elements are simply blended, with hints of symmetry and color connection. Our cabinetry is crafted with the philosophy that a nicely designed kitchen should be the most welcoming and comfortable part of the home.

ADH: What dream material would you like to include in a kitchen project but haven’t had the chance to?
BB: I can truly say that I have the privilege of designing with my dream materials every day. Our luxury kitchens incorporate the quintessential material assortment, from paints and metals to walnut and rift oak.

ADH: …and dream appliance?
BB: I will be looking for places to install the new ‘CoolDrawer’ from Fisher & Paykel. It is an amazing appliance, and the first time I’ve seen it used was in the kitchen we designed for the Galerie House of Art and Design.

Bob Bakes’s custom kitchen at the Galerie House of Art and Design. PHOTO: GENEVIEVE GARRUPPO.

Bob Bakes’s custom kitchen at the Galerie House of Art and Design. PHOTO: GENEVIEVE GARRUPPO.

ADH: What is the next big kitchen color trend you see coming down the pike?
BB: I do not foresee a specific color trend, so much as a general theme. Expanded expression and personalization are going to drive some very interesting finishes and colors in the market. I believe customers will be more and more open to adventurous design choices as they see the color and texture palettes that are becoming available.

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