BAMO (SF) Showcases their amazing talent at NYC’s BDNY with the Ouroboros Lounge

Visit the installation and experience it in NYC, Nov 11-12, 2018

Inspired by Ancient Greek symbolism of a snake eating its own tail in an endless circle, the Ouroboros Lounge represents infinity and nature’s endless cycles of birth and rebirth. The mysterious and ethereal space contrasts floral, organic shapes with hard, reflective surfaces all brought together with a bold and colorful kaleidoscopic carpet. BAMO principal, Anne Wilkinson and her team bring this celestial vision to life with the help of booth sponsors in the perfect collaboration of amazing talent.

A transcending concept, the idea of a dark, mysterious, nighttime garden was the genesis of their designed space. A kind of Garden of Eden with a contemporary edge. In contrast to the organic shapes of nature, BAMO explored classic influences such as arches, an axial, orderly plan, and framed views. The space is essentially an arcade with very open sides. At the end of the booth, people will enter through an experience tunnel before coming into the lounge space. The lighting approach is understated, with architectural and accent lighting, except for a bold, overscaled pendant at the bar.

BAMO truly pushed the envelope with this space and sought to incorporate emerging design trends, such as a pivot to modern-classicism; an ode to fashion with floral influences and a unique immersive experience. A tunnel that completely shuts out the trade show sights and sounds will give guests a one-minute experience designed to relax and rejuvenate. Anne Wilkinson and her team let their imagination go wild, without the constraints of longevity or need for timelessness, they were able to be more expressive and have fun with the overall design. They shaped the main lounge seating to represent the serpent of Ouroboros which creates an organic shape within their otherwise rigid box for the booth.

The carpet was also a source of inspiration, it’s a kaleidoscopic, colorful and bold design formed the core style and ground of the booth.

A testament to their work Anne Wilkinson and the BAMO team deliver a showstopper for BDNY we look forward to having you stop by and take in the sights and sounds.

Design team: BAMO: Anne Wilkinson, principal; Martin Östlund, associate; Erin Altman, senior designer; Kevin Chung, junior designer

Feature area sponsors: Indiewalls; Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Contract; Norcross Furniture Company; Royal Thai; Teaki Tiles for Island Living/ Island Living; Valley Forge Fabrics Product sponsor: Pioneer Pro Audio Product contributors: LDF Silk; Marset; Tech Lighting

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