Bathroom Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Bathrooms nowadays don’t only serve as a utility. From a simple toilet, tub, and sink, we want to spice it up and renovate for a more relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. However, any renovation can cost a high value of money.

Changing the fixtures, adding heated floors, or installing new tiles can add up to the renovation costs. Also, matching the right fixtures, tiles, and cabinets is not an easy task. You might end up regretting your decision and spend too much.

To help you with your renovation, we’ve listed the most common mistakes homeowners make when renovating their bathroom. Read on.

There’s not enough planning.

A great plan can always help you in every aspect of your life. It is even more crucial when doing renovations and remodeling.

Always think ahead before starting your dream bathroom. You may want to look for different bathroom fixtures and scout prices, so you’ll find the best ones that are within your budget.

You may also want to think of the layout and the style that you prefer. Most bathrooms have tight spaces, so you’ll need to maximize every area to its full potential.

You can also start measuring the dimensions of your bathroom to know if your preferred fixtures would fit. You’ll need to know what type of materials are best for your bathroom.

You’ll avoid plenty of problems by planning ahead of time. Not enough planning can cause frustrations and will cost you time and money.

There’s not enough storage for the clutter.

Visible towels, a pile of tissue, extra toiletries, or visible products make the area busy and cluttered. Clutter can also make your bathroom look small and packed.

When renovating, make sure that you add enough bathroom cabinets to keep your items hidden and organized. It can help to keep the bathroom mess-free.

You may want to consider getting USA bathroom cabinets. These American pre-assembled bathroom cabinets have plenty of storage. These cabinets are also durable and tested to withstand high moisture and temperature.

You can also invest in trays, jars, trolley, and compartments for additional storage units. You can add baskets inside the cabinets to organize extra items like toiletries. Keeping everything out of sight is already an upgrade.

The lighting is not well thought out.

Lighting can affect the overall atmosphere of the space. For fresh and happy bathroom vibes, try installing bright and high-quality light fixtures. If you prefer a relaxing space, try mood or dim lights.

You can place a bright yellow light in the middle of the ceiling to highlight the entire bathroom. You can also add vanity lights around the mirror for extra brightness.

Good lighting near your mirror can make your bathroom experience better. You can easily apply to makeup, shave, or fix your hair in a well-lit area.

If you want a calm vibe, you can also strategically put your lighting away from specific areas. Use a pot light near the tub or shower so you can relax while soaking. Try adding candles for a spa-like feel.

There’s no ventilation.

Ventilation is essential in a bathroom. If you’re renovating a toilet that doesn’t have any windows, don’t forget to install ventilation.

An exhaust fan can help the humidity escape and prevent condensation inside the bathroom. If you’re letting the moisture escape, you’ll also prevent mildew and mold build-up.

You’ll be happy that you’ve installed ventilation because your cabinets, tiles, fixtures, and mirrors will also last longer. It will make your renovation worth it.

There’s no personality.

The theme makes the bathroom aesthetically pleasing. It can make your personality and style pop. But, choosing themes that are too trendy won’t last you long.

Styles and designs change over time, so your bathroom might need constant revamping if you choose a trendy design.

A great way to incorporate style while still keeping it practical is choosing a classic and neutral theme for your permanent fixtures like tiles, toilet, tub, and cabinets.

You can add personality to less permanent items inside your bathroom by styling accessories like the jar containers, trays, towels, plants, and for more texture, pattern, and color to the area.

The drainage is not a priority.

Drainage is the primary aspect of every bathroom. Proper drainage can also prevent humidity and moisture inside the area.

Also, wet floors are prone to accidents. That’s why you’ll need to have proper drainage for the accumulated water during your shower. You don’t want your bathroom flooded.

Your bathroom floor must have a gentle slope so the water can drain efficiently. You may also want to match up the drainage with the plumbing drain.

You’ll need to measure the bathtub and shower pan carefully to ensure that the drain is in the right place. If you find this complicated, consider getting a professional plumber to help you.


Avoid these mistakes by deciding ahead of time, doing enough research, and ask for professional help. You’ll achieve your bathroom dreams by planning every detail, so you’re spending your money and time efficiently.

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