Plan Your Dream Vacation With This Guide To The Best Hotels In The World

Best Unique Hotels & Retreats | Eighty-Four Rooms | Edited and curated by Sebastian Schoellgen, Martin Nicholas Kunz, and Jürgen Salzer; Contributing Editor Cindi Cook | Published by teNeues.

There are places out there that impress even the most seasoned of travelers, places so far from the ordinary that they somehow make us feel right at home yet hungering for more. They entice with sweeping views of mountain and sea, with their unspoiled nature or urban rooftops, with their culinary prowess or their sultry sleeping chambers, opulent bathrooms, and creative interiors. Wherever these places may be, there are more of them pretending to be amongst their ranks than we could ever count, making it all the more challenging to find the place that is just right. Best Unique Hotels & Retreats brings together a hand-curated collection of properties across the globe that will render those with a love for the beautiful and unforgettable speechless.


We will travel around the world to discover the undiscovered, starting in the glistening harbor of Hamburg via Berlin, Heidelberg, and Augsburg before turning to the Swiss and Austrian Alps, where we will encounter the world’s premier winter sports and hiking destinations, staying in places from intimate family-run guesthouses to spectacular chalets and indulgent wellness retreats at some of the region’s leading resorts. As our journey takes us to the Mediterranean, we’ll discover a tantalizing world of leading gastronomy, charming fincas, artistic country estates, and spectacular cliffside hotels and beach resorts. Crossing the Atlantic, we’ll travel through the deserts of the American Southwest, passing through Big Sur’s breathtaking stretch of coastline before heading to New York then back south to Mexico and the Caribbean. The journey then turns East, where we’ll live like the Maharajah in India, indulge in barefoot luxury in the Maldives, Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, and Fiji. We’ll then discover the colorful cities of Morocco, a fantastical desert oasis hidden between towering sand dunes, and finally bush lodges in the African savannah for a photo safari. This book will whet your palate, serving as a source of inspiration for your future travels.


In addition to the printed projects, you can find an extended collection of hotels and retreats on the website For the main course and dessert, you’ll have to visit the locations yourself. Enjoy the journey.

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