Designers Delia Kenza Brennen And Clara Jung Reflect On Their Fave Mirrors

On the face of it, our ARCHETYPES designers have mirror-image careers: they both started out as lawyers, but upon reflection entered an entirely new profession. Let’s follow their journey through the looking glass, an odyssey that reveals a curated collection of whimsical mirrors sparkling with wit and personality. As these shiny objects come into focus, one question is clear: which is the fairest of them all?


1. Luminaire mirror SELETTI | “I have a thing for unexpected shapes. I love that this mirror is roundish, but I also like that each light bulb is a wonky shape, and when lit, they give a soft glow. Maybe not the best lighting for makeup application, but it sets a mood.”

2. Iris mirror CONCRETE CAT | “This mirror looks soft and squishy, but it is just the opposite. It is made of concrete. I enjoy that it is playful yet serious.”

3. Oval Box mirror CERAMICA CIELO | “Storage is a must, and it isn’t easy to find good-looking mirrors with storage. This mirror looks good and has storage, a win-win.”

4. Loverboy mirror DUNE | “This mirror has a presence; its geometric beveled edges add sophistication without taking up too much visual space.” 


1. Carter mirror CROFT HOUSE | “I love how this mirror looks like it is somehow defying gravity. The angle of the mirror is unique, and the warmth of the wood in contrast to the strong minimal lines makes it special.”

2. Colar mirror ENY LEE PARKER | “Truly a piece of art as well as a mirror. The ceramic pebbles are so ethereal yet with a primitive overlay.”

3. Scalloped mirror JAMIE YOUNG CO. | “Love the whimsy of the curves here and the patina on the brass.”

4. Fairmount Leather Wide Oval mirror LOSTINE | “The shape is unique. The leather wrap shows the clear thought, care and craftsmanship placed into the making of this mirror.”

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