Bridge House Brings A New Kind Of Residence To Hancock Park

A visionary architectural project born in the heart of Hancock Park, Bridge House has officially reached completion after 2 years of construction. Designed by Dan Brunn, AIA, Principal of Dan Brunn Architecture, and built by MODAA construction, the one-of-a-kind “Bridge House” stretches 210 feet across the grounds, straddling a brook in an architectural maneuver that gives the project its moniker. When Brunn purchased the property, his initial plan had been to renovate the existing home. However, after visiting the Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island, he found himself inspired by the elongated motor court of the Vanderbilt Family’s former waterfront retreat.

“I fell in love with the motor court and entry,” says Brunn. “Back at the site, I started with a motor court, and the bridge evolved because of the structure. I could go right over the river instead of basing the whole house on one side.” The river forms a natural division for public and private spaces in the residence, marking the point where one circulation transitions into another, “Instead of a first and second floor, you think of it in terms of length.”

The result of Dan’s inspiration, paired with his unique background and signature style, is a pointed approach to development and a brilliant use of space. Once inside the home, it is clear that square footage and physical measurements do not describe the emotion that Bridge House evokes, and this is exactly how Dan intended for it to be. Instead, the spatial choreography of light and volume convey drama and intrigue. In this case, simplicity is key, less is more, and the concept of a modular space leaves no room for exploiting geometry.

A relatively small street-front profile gives way to volume, set deep within a forested area. The 4,500 sq. foot structure harmonizes seamlessly with its lush surroundings, clad in a muted cedar, plaster, glass, and steel; outfitted with custom windows. The result of the warm and textured wood, plus floor-to-ceiling Northern and Western facing windows, is a union between interior and exterior, that mirrors the wooded nature of the surrounding landscape. A combination of expansive and directional exterior views permeate every part of the dwelling, bringing the outside in. The house can be entered via a set of custom pivoting glass doors. Positioned at the property midpoint, just above stream, sits an indoor/outdoor terrace with sliding glass doors. Down the hall, an exterior staircase leads down to a rear garden with a solar cell-powered, infinity edge, swimming pool.

Photography by Brandon Shigeta.

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