Barclay Butera Calls The Shots In This Las Vegas Vacation Home

Nashville is all about the music. Milwaukee is brats and beer. And Vegas? We’re talking glitz, gambling and cutting loose, baby. So, when it came to kitting out this newly constructed vacation home on Lake Las Vegas, designer Barclay Butera played it like a high roller with impeccable taste. “I have always loved the Rat Pack vibe of the golden days of Las Vegas,” quips Butera, “and with this particular residence, we were able to infuse that level of cool into the mix.”

That certainly didn’t mean casino kitsch. Working with a black-and-white palette dictated by the home’s existing finishes, Butera created interiors that, while not minimalist, exhibit a satisfyingly sophisticated restraint. “We wanted this space to feel glamorous, but absolutely warm and inviting,” explains Butera. “We chose really soft textiles with cozy patterns and used lots of layers to round out the mix. The artwork has soft circular motion, and you’ll notice a great deal of cylindrical lighting. Round softens linear, we were deliberate about that.”

Keyed to the clients’ love of entertaining, the home’s mammoth kitchen features a large island for gathering, but rather than outfit this with the usual stools, Butera took a more formal (and more comfortable!) approach, opting for upholstered dining chairs. “Since the kitchen is almost always the room where people gather, we thought why not?” shares Barclay. “There is so much space in that kitchen and the vibe is decidedly sleek and chic, so we decided to go with that look even for everyday dining.” When it came to the formal dining room, Butera fashioned a spot as swank as anything you’ll see at Joël Robuchon in the MGM Grand, with silver leaf wallpaper on the ceiling and a dynamic, gray-and-white diptych from Left Bank Art that reads compellingly like a cross between a Rorschach test and an X-ray of Matisse’s “Dance.”

While many of the rooms in the house are expansive, Butera’s deft sourcing and intelligent disposition of the furnishings reels them in, leaving one focused as much on tables and chairs as the impressive abundance of space. The sheer scale of the living room demanded large-scale pieces, but Butera’s eye for line, shape and fabric stamp these as eminently residential, not refugees from a hotel lobby. In the primary bedroom he developed a den-like sitting area, with a glass-topped coffee table and a sofa upholstered in a chic pinstripe from Ralph Lauren Home. Looks like a fine spot to settle down with a good book. After all, you can’t hit The Bellagio every night.

Photography by Ryan Garvin.

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