Upper East Side Glamour Meets Soft Spoken Elegance In This New York Apartment

The team at Drake/Anderson need no lesson in designing for the global glitterati. When approached for a New York apartment project that would take its cues from high-end Madison Avenue boutiques – not to mention, include a candy-coated palette of beautiful, soft colors – they felt much obliged.

Holding this sentiment as true north, and with a sagacious eye, the designers sourced ultra-luxurious materials with a soft-spoken elegance. A shimmering example is in the master bedroom where panels made of intricately woven leather and sequins by Charles Schaumburg play backdrop to the bed and bedside tables.

upper east side new york apartment bedroom

Elevated, hand-hewn finishes are seen throughout the 3,000-square-foot apartment, from the silver-leafed “wave” ceiling in the dining room – an inventive way to conceal unsightly beams and soffits of varying sizes – and a lavender metallic-leafed ceiling in the foyer, to a creamy, polished Venetian plaster on the living and dining room walls.

upper east side new york apartment dining room

Observing the color story is a confectioner’s dream, conjuring images of saltwater taffy displays, if they were perfectly correlated. Soft greens, lavender, creams and white pervade while bolder tones are interjected sparingly, like a saturated peacock in the living room and deep amethyst in the foyer.

new york luxury apartment living room

Drake is renowned for his bold use of color and although that remains a solid part of the firm’s repertoire, this slightly quieter palette is indicative of a new, more delicate voice; a voice that also embraces a restraint in furnishings and decoration, while letting stunning statement pieces sing.

The result is a new brand of minimalism, where big- gesture moments are balanced with low-slung furnishings simple in form.

As Anderson puts it, “Such a literal overlap with the fashion world allowed us to approach the design with a slightly different lens. It’s Upper East Side glamour and elegance with a breathability and ethereal quality.”

“The client loves clothes and had us study the hanging systems at Chanel as the functional model for her dressing rooms,” Drake adds. She also handed down design direction in a quippy one-liner that said it all: “I’m finished with Versace, I want Loro Piana.”

Photography by Brittany Ambridge.

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