Capitalizing on Coodo Home

If a dwelling that offers mobility and contemporary design seems like an impossible dream, awaken your senses in a coodo. This highly functional, flexible and mobile living or working space features a modern design aesthetic that can be installed nearly anywhere, bringing a whole new vision and dimension to the way we live today. The innovative, modular coodo is easy to relocate, so you can take your home wherever life takes you. Sleek, streamlined interiors can be modified for a truly personalized look. Due to its minimalistic dimensions, a coodo uses much less material than a conventional building, making it extremely cost effective. The mobility of the coodo allows for a quick, easy and economical installation with minimal impact on the building site and the environment, setting it apart from traditional homes. For maximum freedom you can even rent the property your coodo sits on, an option that’s sure to please the gypsy soul in many of us.

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