ABC Stone | NYAA Carrara Residency Winners

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. -Michelangelo

We are thrilled to share the tremendously talented recipients of the ABC Stone 2019 Carrara Merit Residency Scholarship: Kelly Robert and Brandon Waterman. Each year, ABC Stone, in cooperation with New York Academy of Art, award two exceptional sculptors the opportunity to travel to Italy and learn classic stone carving techniques with the masters of Carrara.

ABC Stone sponsors the Artist Residency in Carrara as part of its ongoing commitment to sustaining and promoting the use of stone in artistic practice and ensuring that traditional carving techniques are passed on and cultivated. These young artists will be paired with master sculptors and immersed in experiential learning through intensive mentoring.

It is the belief of ABC Stone that, “deepening the awareness of stone commensurately widens respect for this venerable medium and the millennia-old human tradition of transforming it through highly skilled craft. Whether in Michelangelo’s homeland or in our very own NYC backyard, ABC remains devoted to sponsoring the cultural arts and in particular stone artistry.”

We look forward to seeing the great works realized as result of this wonderful experience and by the hands of these dedicated and gifted sculptors. Below is an overview of their current bodies of work and intentions for the direction in which they will take them during their Carrara Merit Residency.

Kelly Robert

“With a blending of abstract and realism, my work explores form, balance and the lines created when planes intersect. My goal for studying the figure through anatomy is to solidify a foundation of ‘correctness’ in my modeling and to better inform my use of abstraction. I enjoy working with compositions that push the rules of anatomy, particularly with the female figure. In clay, I typically build up material, then carve back down until I expose my desired surface of the form. As a process, I feel this also translates into stone. I thank the Academy for its rigorous instruction, and for its offerings of residencies like Carrara that take applicable learning to a propelled level.” Artist StatementFolded Woman (pictured in three views) 2018 Terra cotta 10″ x 16″ 1st editionGothic Sway Study (pictured at 3/4 and profile views) 2018 White clay 32″ x 8″Study for Primed Woman (pictured in front and back views) 2019 White clay 7″ x 6″

Brandon Waterman

“In form and content, my sculpture is pulled in two directions: between what is in the domain of technology and what is in the domain of nature. I explore the experience of being surrounded by a technological world, and how that technology has slowly encroached into our bodies, approaching the borderline of what we might call a cybernetic organism. I portray our current relationship, while also exploring how it may manifest itself in the future, ranging from dystopian, ambiguous, to something more harmonious. My thesis project at the New York Academy of Art will do the latter; a human form which shows its viewers that a synthesis between creators and their technological creations does not have to be grotesque, but rather that it could be something beautiful and inspiring.” Artist Statement

“Cybernetic Scars” 2018 Aluminum wire mesh, solder, silicone 24” x 12” x 10”“Metal Genesis” 2018 Plaster, silicone, aluminum wire mesh, solder 12” x 9” x 9”Untitled 2018 Terracotta 74” x 16” x 16”

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