Chad James Reflects On His Gentlemen’s Quarters For The 2019 High Point Designers’ Showhouse

Nashville-based designer Chad James of Chad James Group designed a guest bedroom sponsored by Fabricut for the 2019 High Point Designers’ Showhouse. The bedroom blurs the lines between contemporary and traditional, with strong masculine undertones. The room is draped from floor to ceiling in rich, tailored textiles by Frank Ponterio for Clarence House. The sophisticated sanctuary is punctuated by two antique beds stately, yet inviting. The dark and debonair palette of neutral, monochromatic tones conveys warmth and strength in this layered guest bedroom, a place of respite and reflection.

ASPIRE: Who do you imagine staying in this space?
Chad James: The story that’s been living in my head (and that’s a crazy place to live) has been one of two gentleman house guests. Echoing from days gone by, when traveling with friends and being invited into someone’s home, there’s not always space for two people who are not a couple to stay. I wanted to offer a solution to this problem while making the room as inviting and comfortable as possible.

A: What was it like to work with Fabricut on this design for the High Point Designer’s Showhouse?
CJ: Landy Gardner once said… “we (designers) are only as good as our resources.” I was honored to have the opportunity to partner with Fabricut on this design project. Everyone at the Fabricut family has always been incredibly supportive of the work of Chad James Group. They understand that I have a very clear vision of what a space needs to be, and they allow me to dream with their product

A: Talk us through your Textile choices?
CJ: I was thrilled to have the opportunity to use Frank Pontiero’s new collection for Clarence House. Draping the room, floor to ceiling, in these luxe fabrics, was one of the first decisions I made when creating this guest bedroom. Taking note of the soft masculine tones, I felt that showcasing them in a dark and moody way would be best “suited” for the room. The beds are enveloped in this herringbone pattern with contrasting pinstripes, while the drapery panels on the walls porcini-inspired pattern subtly references nature. When I thought of a room that felt well-traveled, it was essential to mix fabrics that complement each other through town and texture.

A: In addition to the textiles, what other elements are essential to this bedroom design?
CJ: I feel that there are so many key players in this space. Each one of them could dictate an audience in any area, and yet they do play nicely with one another. Some of my favorites are:

A: Tell us about your color palette?
CJ: I’ve always said that a dark color hides a multitude of sins. In this case, the house is an old home with its series of quirks. Selecting a darker color was one of Form working with Function. And honestly, if you know my work, you know I LOVE a moody room. I love to blanket a room in one paint color; here, I chose Sherwin-Williams Peppercorn. I added moments of contrasting colors through accent pillows, rug, accessories, and the crisp bedding from Peacock Alley.

A: We are seeing more twin beds in design, why do you think they are on the rise?
CJ: Simplicity and Functionality. Twin beds are not just for the kid’s bedroom. You can use antique twin beds such as these to add more character. I have twin beds in my guest bedroom at home, and they are perfect for non-couples staying over.

A: What are some of the essential aspects of your designs?
CJ: I’ve always found great comfort in the details, and those meticulous details have become the mark of my reputation.

A: You have designed spaces in several showhouses, why do you participate?
CJ: Showhouses honestly allow me the total freedom to design without limits. Charity work is very important to me. I love that I can do good works through my designs. Participating in showhouses is an excellent opportunity to support these charities, including the Junior League of High Points’ charitable initiatives.

A: When designing a room, what is the ideal starting point for you as a designer?
CJ: It always starts when the pencil meets the paper, meaning; floor plans.

Photography by Kristen Mayfield.

Get the look: click here to shop the products used in Chad’s design, and the rest of the rooms in the High Point Designers’ Showhouse. 

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