Coming Soon: 2015 Metro Designer Showhouse!

Photograph by Adrian Bonvento

National Resources and ASPIRE Metro magazine welcome you to the 2015 Metro Designer Showhouse at the Pearl luxury lofts in Edgewater, NJ. From May 2 to June 28, this venue will serve as  an exceptional canvas against which elite interior designers have created complete loft-style apartments to exhibit their unique and exceptional talents. In addition to the designers’ work, ASPIRE Metro will also be hosting a series of events- from an opening gala to a series of informative speakers on metro living. All proceeds from daily ticket sales and the opening gala will benefit the Alzheimer’s Association, Greater New Jersey Chapter.

Promoting the beneficial synergy between influential design and top of the market real estate, ASPIRE Metro has clearly created a niche and is occupying a space that has been overlooked by other publishers. Steven Mandel, publisher of ASPIRE Metro magazine and founder of the 2015 Metro Designer Showhouse, shares how he saw an opportunity to reinvent the concept of the showhouse.

What is the goal?

The goal is to actualize National Resources’ vision and to showcase the talents of NY and NJ Metro regions’ elite designers, delighting the public with an intimate view of all that is possible and attainable in today’s world.

Why the Pearl?

For ASPIRE Metro magazine’s inaugural showhouse, the Pearl exemplifies our vision. Its proximity to NYC was important, and it resides in NJ, where ASPIRE was born. The building’s iconic past and its re-imagination of the future align perfectly with our vision. I guess the answer is, why not the Pearl?

How is this showhouse different from others?

Unlike most showhouses where a designer decorates a single space in a classic or historical home, each featured designer will execute an entire loft-like venue in a vertical building.

How will the 2015 Metro Designer Showhouse benefit the industry as well as the public?

There are so many exceptional designers and products in the marketplace today that beckon  a venue to celebrate.

The charitable cause?

The Alzheimer’s Association, Greater New Jersey Chapter made sense to us. We unanimously support its missions to eliminate the disease through research, provision of enhanced care, support to all affected, and promotion of the advancement of brain health.

THE EVENT: 2015 Metro Designer Showhouse

Throughout the 10-week duration of the 2015 Metro Designer Showhouse, more than 5,000 visitors will be afforded the unprecedented opportunity to visit and attend events, to behold 32 rooms reinvented by elite interior designers, and to witness first-hand an important moment in the shaping of the future of Gold Coast living. This year’s designers include: Sam Ciardi, Joe Ginsberg, Anna Maria Mannarino, Amy Manor, Alan Tanksley, Catherine Weinstock, Fulya Can and Andrea Daly. Each elite interior designer will flex his or her immense creativity and unparalleled skill to transform full loft apartments into an incredibly designed set of interiors.

THE VENUE: The Pearl luxury lofts in Edgewater, NJ.

This venue will provide elite interior designers with an exceptional canvas against which they can exhibit their unique and keen talents. Additionally, we are honored to invite you to attend an exciting calendar of functions and events not to be missed at this year’s 2015 Metro Designer Showhouse.

The-PearlThe Pearl was originally designed and constructed by one of the most renowned architectural firms in history, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, famous for One World Trade Center in New York City, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (the world’s tallest building), the San Francisco Airport International Terminal and hundreds of other seminal projects all over the world. Originally intended to be the research and development world headquarters of Unilever, the Pearl was subsequently transformed into dramatic, luxury waterfront lofts with the help of Lessard Design & Associates. Each capacious interior commands Manhattan views across the Hudson River through 12-foot floor-to-ceiling windows.

THE CAUSE: Alzheimer’s Association, Greater NJ Chapter

have-fun-do-goodAll charity proceeds from this year’s Metro Designer Showhouse will go to the Alzheimer’s Association’s Greater New Jersey Chapter to aid in its missions to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through research, provision of enhanced care, support to all affected and promotion of the advancement of brain health. Once again, National Resources and ASPIRE Metro magazine are proud and honored to invite all who will attend to a formative and historic interior design event in our region.

For exclusive interviews, project updates, and more, visit the official Metro Designer Showhouse website– and don’t forget to get your tickets!

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