Cosentino, Benjamin Hubert Unveil Spectacular Architectural Installation

Cosentino, the worldwide leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, presents their collaboration with designer Benjamin Hubert of LAYER for Milan Design Week 2019 titled Raytrace. Raytrace is an immersive, architectural installation showcasing Dekton, the ultra-compact, large format surface by Cosentino–exploring the product’s design, innovation, strength, durability and beauty.

A 25-meter long and 6-meter high triangular passage composed of Dekton ultracompact surfaces is seemingly balanced on a single edge within a dark, atmospheric space. Upon entering the passageway, a mesmerizing caustic pattern slowly dances across the surface, emulating the refraction of light through water–evoking the serene feeling of being underwater. As visitors walk through the passage, they become an integral part of the installation, as their shadows are cast against the structure’s surface. Two mirrors at either end of the vault reflect the installation, creating the illusion of an infinite space and offering glimpses of the caustic patterns playing out on the interior.

Hubert’s design references the highly technological qualities of Dekton as an indoor/outdoor architectural product and the natural minerals used to produce the material. Taking inspiration from the Dekton creation process, Hubert creates a dramatic, interactive experience showcasing the harmony between nature, light, and architecture.

“The creation of Dekton is a highly technological process that emulates the metamorphic changes that naturally occur with stone,” says Hubert. “The extraction of water using extreme heat and pressure throughout the manufacturing process is what makes Dekton a durable material most suited for architecture. Raytrace is a direct response to this method -we take the idea of water and architecture, two integral themes in the conception of Dekton, and create an architectural structure, filled with an immersive caustic lighting effect –a powerful combination of architecture and nature.”

“This installation demonstrates the limitless versatility of Dekton, hoping to inspire architects and designers with the beauty and technological qualities of the material,” says Santiago Alfonso, Vice President of Marketing and Communication at Cosentino Group.

Raytrace will be exhibited in the historical vaulted warehouses beneath Milan’s Central Train Station as part of the third edition of Ventura Centrale. The iconic backdrop of these arched spaces will house installations by internationally renowned brands and designers, making it a must-see destination during Milan Design Week 2019.

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