How to Create a Stylish Kitchen in a Small Space

Modern houses often aren’t equipped with lavish kitchens big enough for islands, breakfast bars, and comfortable seating like those in more traditional homes. It’s common in new flats and houses to find smaller kitchens or even open plan living spaces. Fitting all your appliances and kitchenware into a small space while keeping it stylish might seem challenging, but there are plenty of ways to save space without compromising on style or practicality.

Use the Height

However small your kitchen is you will still have the height to work with. Store anything you don’t need regularly on higher shelves. To avoid making the space too claustrophobic and imposing, consider having open shelving up high instead of closed cupboards.

Clever Storage

There are many great storage options to help you fit more into your space. Organise your cupboards and shelves sensibly using dividers and pull out drawers. Hang things on the backs of doors; add rails underneath cupboards, store things on top of units in stylish bins, and wall mount magnets to hold knives and pans.

To keep things practical, try to make sure everything is close at hand and easy to find when you need it. So, make sure the things you use a lot are in the most convenient places and keep similar things in the same cupboards.

Utilise Other Rooms

If you’ve got a dining room or larger lounge you could hide some appliances or rarely used kitchenware in there. If you are struggling for space overall or just looking for some short-term storage while you organise and declutter, self storage Cardiff can give you some great options.

Scale Back

Think about what you really need. Kitchen appliances are among the most common things we buy but never use. Have a good clear out and be ruthless. Donate or sell anything you don’t need.

Be Bold

A small space gives you a fantastic option to make some bold colour choices. Deep blues or bright yellows can look cool and sophisticated in a small area. Experiment with some different shades to find what suits your tastes, but don’t be afraid to try something unusual.

Add Glass

Glass and mirrors are a wonderful way to open up space and make it seem larger. If you’ve got a large window, try to make it the focus of the room. If not, use glass cupboard doors and table tops.

Seating Options

A small space doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have any seating. Breakfast bars and stools don’t take up much room and can work especially well when it comes to dissecting an open plan living area. Benches can be another great option and give you added under seating storage.


A small kitchen can easily seem closed in and claustrophobic. To make it seem lighter and more relaxed keep things light. You can do this by allowing as much natural light in as possible, using bright colours and adding extra lighting where you can.

A small kitchen can be cosy and fun, just be sure to prioritise. The most important thing about your kitchen is that it’s a functional space to prepare meals.

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