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The Hamptons are known for a distinct sense of style, and at The Hampton Gather, that style comes together with a collector’s aplomb. The curious, creative brainchild of architect Erica Broberg Smith, the shop has a tagline that sums up its offerings rather succinctly – Antiques, Salvage, Consignments, Etc. The “Etc.” is where it really gets interesting.

“We choose items and objects with interesting designs, stories and materials – things that have a sculptural quality,” says Broberg Smith, who calls her work at the shop so much fun. “Original midcentury items are always of interest for collectors. We also have a keen eye for anything nautical.”

When moving to open The Hampton Gather, the locally based architect decided to go against the grain. “We are open year-round and the local community is just as interested in our shop as the city folks. Designers and homeowners alike are buyers.”

The ever-changing shop overflows with a rotating roster of thoughtful goods, such as an antique fishing backpack, Biergarten tables, a World War II pigeon carrier, and an assortment of vintage signs, crates, lighting and more.

“I love the blending of styles, antiques, consignments and people,” Broberg Smith shares. “To me, there are very few delightful shops left where you can discover unusual and interesting finds that are varied every time you stop in.”

It’s that love of discovery that keeps the Hamptons gathered at her door. “We have to keep learning,” she advises, “and stretching our joyful moments.”

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