Daniella Ohad: Tastemaker & Curator

New York-based art historian and lecturer Daniella Ohad quite literally devotes her life to educating others. After studying at Tel Aviv University and the Fashion Institute of Technology, she received her Ph.D. in Decorative Arts at Bard Graduate Center. She has run her design-focused blog, Daniella on Design, for over five years, and has gained a notable following of over thirty thousand. Her proven passion for all things design, especially twentieth-century interiors and architecture, have established her as a figurehead in the art world. After teaching courses at the School of Visual Arts and the New York School of Interior Design, she has led countless talks and interviews with esteemed artists from every corner of the globe. Ohad is a beacon of knowledge, and apart from her in-person endeavors, curates her Daniella on Design Youtube channel with video series perfect for anyone looking to gain insight into the world of design, from students to seasoned experts. “I have done some radio talks in the past, and while I am still considering Podcast, I have come to the conclusion that video is essential when communicating visual subjects and themes,” says Ohad, “I am a great believer in the power of the word to describe objects and buildings, and have extensively practiced it in my writings, yet, the type of taste (educated, elevated, and high-brow) and education which I seek to promote in the talk show requires the format of a video.” Her series include “Furniture and Fixtures,” “Museums, Monuments, and City Landscapes,” “Textiles, Fashion and Trends,” “De.Sign,” an interview series, “Harvest Dialogues.” Jeff Zimmerman’s Crystal Cluster sculpture is one of R and Company’s most sensational offerings. Founding partner Zesty Meyers joins Ohad in her “Collecting Design” series.

This February, she will relaunch a speaker series at Architecture Institute of America, previously a highly-successful campaign at NYSID. Titled “Collecting Design: History, Collections & Highlights,” the program seeks to enlighten buyers, architects, and interior designers on the acquisition of contemporary design. While Ohad gained her knowledge of collecting modern art pieces on her own, she sees the need for a corresponding course for collectors who have not shared her experience. “The market is dynamic and fast-paced, constantly changing and responding to various conditions, available material, found and rediscovered material, and new talents in the contemporary design world,” says Daniella of the design industry, “To really understand it, one has to be a part of it on a daily basis, and thus, the program Collecting Design, comes to provide the knowledge necessary to navigate the market, to understand interiors of today, and to illuminate this fascinating field.” This Robert Kaplan sculpture crafted in 1902 is one of many modern collections Ohad focuses on in her upcoming talks.

With “Collecting Design,” Dr. Ohad will support her guidance with testimony from the modern greats. Tying art history with the day market, the series will feature names such as Christina Larsen, historian and curator at the Met, writer and gallerist Larry Weinberg, and Zesty Meyers, founding partner of R & Company gallery. “I have selected speakers, curators, designers, and dealers who represent the ultimate expertise of their own territories, and highlight some of the most ambitious and intriguing events of the season. The spring season will illuminate the current state of the collectible design territory,” Ohad explains, “The program Collecting Design is the only one of its kind comes to educate architects, interior designers, collectors, and design enthusiasts in this territory and to bring them to the forefront of this world.” Unforgettably original contemporary interior designer Kelly Behun brings her knowledge of modernist collecting to Architecture Institute of America.Ohad’s talks will focus on Bauhaus’ one-hundredth anniversary, and the original influential schools of art and design that inspire her and collectors of the future.

“Collecting Design: History, Collections & Highlights” at the AIA’s Center for Architecture kicks off on February 19th, and will mark a dedicated educator’s most recent groundbreaking lecture series.By attending the full course, Architects can earn up to 6 LUs and 1.5 HSWs.

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