Dedar’s Lush Fabrics Provide the Backdrop to Call Me By Your Name

Dedar’s multicolored linen ikat print hangs over the bed.

“Dalie, Papaveri, Tulipani,” a silky fil coupé abstract flower pattern from Dedar decorates the library wall.

There’s a reason Italian films have garnered more Academy Awards than any other non-English speaking country, and Call Me By Your Name, a beautiful, layered love story adapted from André Aciman’s novel of the same name, proves why.

Directed by Italian Luca Guadagnino and written by James Ivory, the film follows the burgeoning desire between Elio and Oliver, played by actors Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer respectively. Set in 1983 during a languid, sexually-charged summer in the countryside of Moscazzano, Italy, Hammer, an American graduate student, arrives to assist his professor, and Elio’s father—played by Michael Stuhlberg—in studies of Greco-Roman culture. The story unfolds in the richly-textured 17th-century Villa Albergoni, which is surrounded by lush peach trees and the sensuous Italian countryside.

Each character is complex, and so is the setting. The villa (which is now for sale!) was transformed into a place rich in family history by interior designer Violante Visconte di Modrone. The luxurious fabrics, from Dedar—an Italian company and longstanding collaborator of Guadagnino, co-owned by Caterina Fabrizio and Raffaele Fabrizio—are featured prominently on set, and contribute to the authentic, visceral connection between the spaces and the actors.

“I met Luca for the first time at our Milano showroom,” says Caterina. “It was just natural to express how wonderful it would be for us to be part of his settings. The emotional liaison between the spaces and the protagonists, and the story of his movie, I Am Love, left a strong impression with us,” she says of their previous collaboration.

Guadagnino looked through Dedar’s collections himself, choosing designs and colors that would transmit emotions. Sumptuous velvets, cotton satins, and batik patterns contribute to the visual feast. A gorgeous silk brocade was used on the walls of the library, its patina reflecting the ambiance of a cultivated home. It forms the backdrop for a compassionate monologue on love given by Stuhlberg to Chalamet. Each nuanced word, each textured fabric, each weighted look contributes to the success of the film. It is no coincidence that Call Me By Your Name was nominated for a slew of Golden Globes and Oscars. While James Ivory’s script only took home the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 90th Academy Awards, it still ranks among the most beautiful films of 2017.

Set Photography by Giulio Ghirardi; Photography of actors and director on set by Luca Campri.

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