LA Lifestyle Concept Gallery deKor Opens New Showroom

Isabelle Dahlin, a Swedish-born interior designer, landscaper and owner of the furniture, art and interiors concept stores deKor, has opened a new store in LA. The sprawling, 5,000-square-foot warehouse space in Frogtown, a historic section of Silver Lake, houses the full collection of custom sofas, chairs and tables designed by Dahlin exclusively for deKor. This new space also acts as a staging area for the vintage finds arriving from Europe regularly.

“The warehouse allows us to showcase special pieces that cannot be seen in our stores – like our custom sofas – so clients can see them, sit on them, try them out,” Dahlin says. “You can build your own vignette with rugs and side tables to see how it might look in your own home.”

In the back, a dedicated space with soaring windows and a flood of natural light is where specially curated pieces rotate in room-like settings. Here, Dahlin’s signature style of layering patterns and textures, has full reign. For Dahlin, it’s important that clients experience the brand’s spirit firsthand, adding, “I love a mixed aesthetic, like a Danish midcentury chair with a vintage Kilim ottoman.”

THE WAREHOUSE: The new deKor warehouse is located at 3005 Gilroy St., Los Angeles, CA 90039 323.741.0063 Hours are Monday-Saturday, 11-4 and Sunday 12-4.

ABOUT deKor: Established in 2011, deKor is a home décor and furniture gallery based on a Swedish bohemian aesthetic that blends vintage modernism with indigenous crafts. The lifestyle store’s collection of affordable global finds include seating, tables, lighting, decorative accessories, art, textiles and rugs plus a highly edited offering of handmade jewelry, fashion and organic beauty products.

ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME caught up with Isabelle Dahlin, the discerning eye behind deKor in Los Angeles, to talk about these design projects.

Project One | Q: How did you change this room?
A: It was darker. I made it much lighter by painting the walls and ceiling white with bluish charcoal-colored molding. We added Tabarka Studio tiles around the fireplace.

Q: What lucky people live here?
A: She is a director and he is a producer. This home is in the Los Feliz neighborhood.

Q: What about the furnishings?
A: The leather chairs, which are worn perfectly, are almost 100 years old. The hutch is from Italy and dates to the late 1800s. We added that dusty blue velvet ottoman to make the design pop a bit. The Persian rug, c. 1900, was our biggest purchase.

Project Two | Q: Can you share the secrets to this beautiful kitchen?
A: This is in Silver Lake and the room had very crazy pink tile halfway up. We used cement tile from Granada Tile; you can go in and design your own style. The tile is sealed twice, so you can clean it.

Q: What about the blue cabinetry?
A: It is influenced by French, Swedish and Portuguese traditions. It soothes the eye. I’ve always been attracted to that blue-white scenario. I also love the floating reclaimed shelves.

Q: Who eats here?
A: This family has two children under age 10. They have breakfast at the table, which we custom-built with a wood top and metal legs.

Project Three | Q: What’s old in this new kitchen in the Hancock Park neighborhood of L.A.?
A: The French farm table dates to the 1920s or 1930s. I found the 100 year-old factory windows at a salvage yard in L.A. The glass had to be replaced. The vintage schoolhouse chairs are from France.

Q: Any other history here?
A: Yes: the lemons are in a hand-carved wood dough bowl. Bowls like that were used to let dough rise in the early 20th century in France, Romania and Italy.

Q: How did this redesign sit with the client?
A: The client is a movie producer who has edge. So even though the house is very traditional looking outside, clapboard with roses, the family is cool and fun. This fits their style.

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