Denim Drift: Dulux’s 2017 Colour of the Year for Home Design

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-9-31-07-am-copyIt’s not really too much of a surprise that blue is the nation’s favourite colour: it’s the colour of the sky on a gorgeous sunny day (something us Brits definitely look forward to) and the oceans we dream about swimming in on holiday. Maybe this is what the experts at Dulux were daydreaming about when they chose blue as the defining hue for 2017… either that or David Beckham in double denim, both are acceptable.

“Denim drift is the perfect fit to reflect the times we live in, that real desire for simplicity” says Rebecca Williamson, Dulux’s colour and design trend expert. To complement the colour of the year Dulux have also developed a complementary colour palette of tonal blues making it even easier to incorporate denim drift into your home.

The Sky’s The Limit | The denim drift colour palette is made up of 45 different colours which have all been based around four lifestyle trends:

  • New Romanticism – is all about smoky violets and verdant greens. Its focus is on sustainability, earth and nature with plants being the main decorative feature. Channel boho fashion and the trend for reclaimed furniture; let your inner hippy roam free.
  • Shared Individualism – is all about colour blocking and graphic patterns. Its focus is on finding a sense of belonging within a network of like-minded people and sharing ideas and space. Keep it fresh and playful and don’t worry about anything looking too perfect.
  • The Working Home – is all about cool neutrals and warm colours. Its focus is on the balanced way many of us now live and work. Create different zones within your home as well as points of interest and areas of tranquillity.
  • Considered Luxury – is all about sophisticated neutrals and varying textures in similar tones. Its focus is on new consumerism where the value is placed on the experiences and memories rather than materialistic possessions. Avoid pieces that have no meaning or story behind them and only buy items you really love.

How to Decorate in Denim Drift | The denim drift palette has been designed to be used throughout the home from the walls to the furniture and accessories. The more muted, greyed-out tones are perfect for the rooms in which relaxation is important such as the bedroom and bathroom. The more intense blues are ideal for use in the kitchen or lounge where you can really turn the visual impact up and create an interesting atmosphere.

If having a completely blue room isn’t really your cup of tea then why not try introducing accents of blue into a room, this will work especially well if your room is mainly decorated in neutral colours. A great accompaniment to a neutral dining room might be the blue Eames dining chair by Danetti or there’s a huge array of denim blue sofas on the market at the moment. The great thing about blue is that it will go with anything, from wood to brick to metal, perfectly showcasing the colours versatility.

So why not embrace whichever shade of blue you find particularly pleasing and introduce it into your house in some way, whether it’s buying a blue kitchen suite or a pretty blue vase, the chances are it’ll bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

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