Designer Friday: An ASPIRE Exclusive Interview With Anna Ruby

This week’s #DesignerFriday is Twin Dolphin Los Cabos Design Director, and luxury residential-designer extraordinaire, Anna Ruby. A leader of multiple businesses over a massively productive career, Ruby chats with us about finding time for herself, creative outlets, and beautiful shoes.

Stunning waterside views reflected in an elegant, cozy lounge with a tropical flair.

Andrew Joseph: What’s your favorite time of day?
Anna Ruby: 11 pm, that’s when everyone has gone to bed and I come alive! The alone time re-energizes me, and I get the most work done — which could include anything from business development, creative-thinking, focused emails, and yes, even cooking or cleaning. It’s the time of day I can focus without the moment by moment distractions of daily life.

Andrew: Secret talent?
Anna: I am a magician and a therapist. I think all Designers know what I mean…

Andrew: Favorite app?
Anna: Come on, is there any other? – Instagram.

Andrew: How would you define your work in three words?
Anna: Custom-tailored to clients.

This eclectic and inspired gathering of objects has us seeing red!

Andrew: Favorite piece of clothing you own?
Anna: A pair of red, pointy toe, Michel Perry sling-back heels. It was my first “luxury” purchase that I had ever made on my own, on my very first trip to Paris during my first year in college. I thought I was beyond chic wearing these shoes while exploring the beautiful architecture, art, design, cafes, and fashion with my dearest friends. The experience changed my perspective on design and life forever.

Andrew: Best advice you’d give your teenage self?
Anna: You don’t have to fit into a perfect mold – embrace being you, and your inside will shine brighter than anything on the outside.

Andrew: Favorite place to view art?
Anna: Mexico City – the art scene is incomparable.

Andrew: Best gift you’ve ever received?
Anna: My fiance is Irish, so it was beyond endearing that he proposed with a traditional engagement ring, but also custom-designed a second, a Claddagh – a traditional Irish ring that symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship with white gold and diamonds. I cherish both.

Andrew: What’s your favorite board game?
Anna: Scrabble! Vocabulary is my jam and uses my creativity at the end of the game to make 3 letter words on triple point squares. This little trick ensures a win and I LOVE bragging about the fact that I have never been beat!

About The Designer | As Design Director at Twin Dolphin Los Cabos, Anna handles the oversight and management of various functional areas with a focus on client communication, new business development, sales and future comprehensive growth strategy across multiple projects. Living full-time in Los Cabos Mexico, she is currently focused on the Twin Dolphin development bringing exclusivity and luxury design to the development’s affluent and discerning Homeowners. Anna has over nineteen years of design management expertise, where she lead multiple high-end projects in the Los Cabos region while serving as Vice President – Creative for J. Banks Design, a full-service interior design firm specializing in international, luxury residential design. Also a veteran in licensing and product development, Anna’s unique skillset brings a complete understanding of interior design project execution, as well as a big picture approach for developing long-range initiatives for Ohana Design Services.

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