Designer Friday: An ASPIRE Exclusive Interview With Gideon Mendelson

“It’s not just about how it looks. It’s about how you want to live” is the philosophy behind the Mendelson Group. Founder Gideon Mendelson believes that great design can relieve stress, inspire conversation, and help clients create memories. This mindset definitely flows into his work and is easily seen through each creation. Get to know Gideon in this week’s Designer Friday.

A plaid ceiling puts a modern twist on a traditional white kitchen. Photo by Eric Piasecki.

Andrew Joseph: If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?
Gideon Mendelson: A bird – flying seems like it would be pretty cool, unless my proclivity to motion sickness takes me into my next life as a bird

Andrew: How do you define beauty?
Gideon: Something pleasing that challenges you to understand it more.

For this family of four, Mendelson wanted to put together an area that was playful and bold.

Andrew: Do you get your eight hours a night? – what is your schedule like?
Gideon: I sleep 5-7 hours usually with two lengthy wake ups – it’s a problem I’m working on.

Andrew: What would your dream project or dream client be right now?
Gideon: Honest people that respect my team and my process that allow us to do good work.

Andrew: Are you a good cook? If so, what’s your specialty?
Gideon: I’m always learning. I cook simple food, with fresh ingredients, that’s comforting and hopefully puts a smile on people’s faces.

Each room in Mendelson’s home in Sagaponick, NY is versatile and full of personality.

Andrew: What was your first job?
Gideon: Mailroom at The William Morris Agency.

Andrew: What are you most proud of?
Gideon: My three children and the people they are becoming.

About The Designer | Gideon Mendelson founded Mendelson Group in 2003, but it seemed his life was always on a trajectory toward interior design. His mother ran her own interior design company in Scarsdale, NY. He grew up drawing, talking about color, form and proportion; analyzing interior magazines with his mother and traveling and visiting museums.

He went on to graduate from Columbia University with a degree in architecture and a minor in film studies. His architectural training has determined the way he approaches projects, by starting with function and circulation rather than rugs or fabrics. He credits his experience in film studies with his focus on composition, mood and drama.

Today, Mendelson Group’s philosophy is built around Gideon’s belief that great design can relieve stress, inspire conversation and help clients create memories. Beyond great design, Gideon is known for his down-to-earth personality, an organized, clear-headed approach to work, and putting clients at ease by letting them know exactly what to expect and when.

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