Designer Friday: Up Close With Jeremy Taylor

New dad Jeremy Taylor is a lot more than a great father – he’s a second-generation designer; the Studio Director at Miami-based Taylor & Taylor, an architecture and design studio founded by his parents in 1983. Recently, Jeremy launched a new division within the firm, T3 Homes, which offers turnkey homes designed with the conditions and lifestyles of South Florida in mind. As an Architectural Designer, Taylor has designed properties on both coasts, and years of experience make him the perfect person to lead Taylor & Taylor’s new venture. Meet Jeremy and take a look at some of his projects in this week’s Designer Friday!

Poolside paradise from Taylor & Taylor.

Andrew Joseph: Dream country to work in? Or dream project to take on? 
Jeremy Taylor: Since my days in Architecture School, I’ve had a vision of a line of customizable, prefabricated single-family homes that embody what I’ve dubbed a “New Florida Vernacular” designed to combine the low-tech, wisdom of pioneer structures, with the latest technologies in systems and materials. The product is a hurricane-proof, sustainable and gracious home, with tropical-modern aesthetics, precision built to minimize waste from local and natural materials.

Andrew: What’s the biggest surprise you’ve had?
Jeremy: In late 2018 at our first appointment after discovering my wife was pregnant, our lovely Doctor wore a puzzled expression upon attempting to listen to a nascent heartbeat. Concern gave way to utter shock when the ultrasound image splashed across a big TV clearly revealed not one baby, BUT TWINS! I didn’t know it was possible to be so completely surprised.

Andrew: Style (or design) icon?
Jeremy: The first person that comes to mind is the late architect Ralph Rapson. When he passed in 2008, he was the oldest practicing architect, at 94. His masterful works date as far back as the 1940’s, including public and private buildings of all types, furniture and products. I love his mid-century aesthetic and asymmetrical whimsey. But what impacted me the most, is his pencil drawings. Rather than simply rendering an exterior perspective of a home, he’d also illustrate the client’s family in a jeep, arriving to the carport of their new home. He made drawing look so effortless. His sketches communicate so much fun and optimism, something I strive to bring to my own drawings and designs.

Andrew: Best way to take a rest/decompress?
Jeremy: I love to go fishing. That’s not to say that I need to catch anything to make it a good day, though that certainly makes it more exciting. My Dad and I have had a small fishing boat, for going on 20 years now. We love to spend time on the ocean. The type of fishing we do is equal parts relaxation, discipline, problem solving and chance – which is a winning combo for me. There’s a primal aspect too, as to how fulfilling it is to bring home dinner. But really it’s a great way to find some solitude and spend time outdoors. The only downside is the early morning departures. I also love to sleep.

This open-concept estate by Taylor & Taylor is an oasis between the palms.

Andrew: What’s inspiring you in life (in the industry) right now?
Jeremy: I’m really inspired by the new development wing of our firm, T3Homes. T3 Homes designs, builds, and sells turnkey homes that embody the same high-quality design on which Taylor & Taylor stakes its reputation. The product lineup unites our trademark gracious tropical lifestyle with cutting edge technology and vernacular methods. Hurricane ready, flood ready, efficient homes, optimized for South Florida living. 

Andrew: How do you maintain a work/life balance?
Jeremy: I think it’s important to always ensure that family comes first. This was ingrained in me from the time that I was young – my parents Bill and Phyllis Taylor have always put family first while still being able to have one of the most successful architecture and design firms in the Southeast. While we work together day-to-day, we still try to make time to have fun together too. My Dad and I still fish together and we try to do a family vacation once a year.

Andrew: What are you most excited about at this time in your life?
Jeremy: Our twins – these little girls have brought so much joy to our family and I look forward to many fun years ahead watching them grow.

About The Designer | Jeremy Taylor has been Studio Director and Architectural Designer since 2016 at Taylor & Taylor, the renowned architecture and design firm located in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami. Having worked in the fields of architectural design and illustration in New York City, Miami and Los Angeles, Jeremy has been a great addition to the firm, bringing his knowledge in the field of architectural design as well as proficiency in a wide range of cutting-edge design tools.

Based on the vision of Principals William and Phyllis Taylor, Taylor & Taylor’s portfolio features inspiring, high-end, residential and hospitality, interior design, architectural and full-service projects throughout Florida, the Eastern Seaboard and the Caribbean. The firm’s work has been featured in numerous publications including Coastal Living, Florida Architecture, Florida Design, Luxe, the Miami Herald, the Robb Report, the Wall Street Journal.

Jeremy currently lives in Miami, Florida and Tuscon, Arizona with his wife and their new twin girls.

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