Designer Friday: Keith Baltimore

Keith Baltimore, head of the Baltimore Design Center in Port Washington, New York, is an all-around design man and patron of the arts. As an interior designer, retail design center owner, and Broadway co-producer, he has left his mark on countless homes and art hubs around the area. Aside from displaying his design work at the Center, hundreds of thousands of fabrics, furnishings, accessories, rugs, wall coverings, window treatments and lighting samples are offered for the public’s use. His showroom serves as a library of inspiration of designers from far and wide, hoping to help them achieve the visions of their clients. When it comes to his own design mantra, Keith has no signature style- instead, he studies his clients’ relationships with space, each other, and their current living quarters, to determine a design that is a fit for them; rather than his personal portfolio. Say hello to Keith in this week’s Designer Friday.

Baltimore designs his work based on clients’ personalities, and this client sure likes to read!

ANDREW JOSEPH: How do you maintain a work/life balance?

KEITH BALTIMORE: I find joy in what I do for work, so it is fairly easy to maintain a balance among all my other interests and activities: exercise, my quest for intellectual pursuits, theatre, museums, cultural events; and philanthropic endeavors.

ANDREW: What are three things you can’t live without?

KEITH: My children, my work, theatre.

ANDREW: Secret talent?

KEITH: As a child I was a dancer, and I still love it.

ANDREW: How would you define your work in three words?

KEITH: Anthropological, insightful, instinctive.

ANDREW: Best advice you’d give your teenage self?

KEITH: Find the joy in every moment, even the tough ones.

Reflective floors and textured wallpaper line this Baltimore bedroom with a sense of luxury.

ANDREW: What would you like to be remembered for?

KEITH: Being a good person.

ANDREW: How do you define beauty?

KEITH: The exuberance of a smile in others.

ANDREW: Best compliment you’ve ever received?

KEITH: Being told by a client “My home is SO ME, and I love working with you Keith”.

ANDREW: Before leaving the house, you always…

KEITH: Make the bed, empty the sink, take out the garbage. Nothing like returning to a clean and neat home.

About the Designer | Baltimore Design Group, established by Keith Baltimore over 25 years ago, is a widely acclaimed interior design firm with a distinguished worldwide portfolio of luxury residential and commercial work.

Baltimore’s highly discerning and loyal clientele turn to him for his talent and expertise in bringing beauty into their lives. His design philosophy is to study his clients for a holistic understanding of their lifestyle, preferences, and personal aesthetic. “My greatest compliment is when my client tells me the design is SO THEM!” There is no cookie-cutter Keith Baltimore design. Regardless of style, every project reflects a classic, yet cutting edge aesthetic, incorporating the latest innovations in products and materials. With a keen eye for elegance and attention to the smallest details, and a theatre lover’s sense of lighting, his glamorous and imaginative designs inspire and delight.

Baltimore has received awards from designer showcases throughout the metropolitan region, and as well as from Best of Houzz and Best of the North Shore. He is a speaker at market events around the country, sharing his expertise and perspectives as both an influential designer and retailer.

Philanthropy is high on Baltimore’s list, supporting numerous non-profit organizations and also granting an annual arts and design scholarship. He devotes time with hospitalized children, bringing them creative enjoyment with an interior design workshop.

An extensive portfolio of work can be viewed at our design studio and retail showroom; or visit our website,

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